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The Chase fans furious as contestant is ‘allowed a second chance’

Bradley Walsh and Mark Labbett were also stunned!

The Chase fans were treated to an epic final battle last night when Penny, Roddy, Sarah and Linda all took on The Beast for an impressive £46,000 (mainly thanks to Roddy’s “death or glory” approach to his high offer of £36,000).

And while the foursome were able to beat Mark Labbett and go home with £11,500 each, many viewers had some serious questions about how the game was played.

The Chase contestants
They fought The Beast, and The Beast lost! (Credit: ITV)

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While Roddy impressed viewers with his have-a-go attitude, retired team leader Linda left ITV viewers fuming.

They slammed the decision when the 62-year-old contestant was allowed to change her mind after choosing the middle offer.

Linda managed to get £2,000 in the opening cash builder, and was then given the choice between the low offer of £1,000, sticking with £2,000, or going for the big cash prize of £20,000.

Linda angered The Chase fans (Credit: ITV)

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And people were incredulous when she chose the MIDDLE offer, despite it being so close to the low one.

As fans erupted at home, even chaser Mark slapped his face with his hand in disbelief.

He told her: “I can’t believe you’re even looking at the £2,000. Play it safe and go for the one grand or go for the £20,000.”

Host Bradley Walsh agreed, adding: “In the grand scheme of things with four in the final it’s a loss of £250 each.”

Oh Linda, you don’t want to make The Chase fans angry… (Credit: ITV)

After a moment’s pause, Linda changed her mind and switched to the low offer of £1,000 – leaving Linda with one step less to get back home, which she made easily to rejoin her team.

Eventually, all four of the team beat Mark to win a share of £46,000.

But fans weren’t impressed with Linda’s effort, blasting: “What’s going on? Can she change her mind after making decision?”

Another said: “Kind of defeats the object of the show that doesn’t it? #TheChase.”

This week, Mark Labbett made a very rare mistake of his own when he accidentally spelt the name of famous author Jane Austen wrong.

The chaser better known as The Beast was quickly called up on the error by fans who pointed out that it wasn’t spelt ‘Austin’.

The brainiac quickly blamed “spellcheck”.

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