The Chase contestant ridiculed by fans after failing to answer simple question

Viewers were left shocked at the player's bizarre answer

A hopeful contestant on The Chase has been ridiculed on Twitter after failing to answer a super simple question.

Business consultant Simon ended up in the firing line during his cash-builder round after he struggled to answer the question on the topic of energy.

The 61-year-old’s hilarious answer left viewers wondering if he was drunk or just nervous.

Simon failed to answer the simple question leaving fans in hysterics (Credit: ITV)

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Host Bradley Walsh first asked Simon what he would do if he won some money on the show.

Simon joked: “I’d probably spend a bit at the casino, and waste the rest. But my wife may have different ideas!

“I’d probably give it to Mrs C as resistance is futile.”

In the quick-fire question round presenter Bradley asked Simon: “What is the most commonly used food energy unit around the world?”

Obviously the answer is calories but Simon blurted out “potato” as his answer.

Simon went on to take £68K back to the team (Credit: ITV)

And it didn’t go unnoticed by fans watching from home.

One tweeted: “‘What is the most commonly used energy unit in the world?’ ‘Potato’ That, sir, is what you are. #thechase.”

Another added: “Common used food unit…Potato! What a pillock #thechase.”

A third wrote: “I just caught up on #TheChase and almost fell off the chair. ‘The most commonly used food energy unit’ POTATO!!!!”

“Anyone who answers potato to a calorie question deserves to lose #thechase.”

Another said: “#TheChase #gangofchase is Simon okay? He he’s nervous or drunk bless him.”

Despite the awkward blunder Simon managed to bag a reasonable £4,000 and went on to go head-to-head with Chaser Anne Hegarty aka The Governess.

And it seemed his little slip-up didn’t go unnoticed by Anne either as she joked: “That looked like hard work, you must have burnt several hundreds of potatoes doing that.”

But Simon managed to turn it around as he chose to go for the big money and play for a whopping £68K.

Simon managed to make it back to the team with the massive sum of money as he and teammate Tracy played for £70,000.

Unfortunately for the quizzers they failed to come out on top in the final round as Anne managed to catch up and take the crown.

Simon and Tracy didn’t manage to beat the Chaser and lost out on winning £70K (Credit: ITV)

Earlier in the week Bradley was left stunned as a player revealed he has a very famous dad.

Teacher Peter appeared on the show and went up against Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbatt.

But Bradley was left shocked as he quizzed Peter about his personal life before starting the cash builder round.

The host asked: “Are you one of these teachers that dresses up?”

And Peter replied: “If I’m bored I start to do different accents and things.”

“That’s the essence of teaching though, keeping everyone engaged…I think that’s the way to do it?”

Peter revealed he has a very famous dad (Credit: ITV)

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Peter then said he took inspiration for his teaching career from his dad, who is a very familiar name.

He added: “Well I had a good teacher myself. My dad was a pretty good teacher. He didn’t teach but he coached a lot of football.

“Norbert Peter Stiles.”

Better known, as Nobby, he was the former Manchester United footballer, who also helped England lift the World Cup in 1966.

A shocked Bradley said: “No? How about that. The unsung hero of that World Cup.

“I could talk for ages about your dad. However, this is you and this is now.”

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