The Chase contestant Barry, who was mocked for being a lord

The Chase contestant ruthlessly mocked for being a ‘lord’

He paid £45 for the title

Fans of The Chase rushed to defend a contestant on tonight’s show who was ruthlessly mocked for being a ‘lord’.

Barry revealed as he chatted with host Bradley Walsh that he paid £45 for a tiny bit of land that gave him the lofty title.

Shortly after, producers changed his namecard on the front of the contestant panel to read ‘Lord Barry’.

The Chase contestant Barry, who was mocked for being a lord
Barry revealed on The Chase that he bought a tiny piece of land to get his lord title (Credit: ITV)

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As the programme went on, Bradders kept jokingly referring to Barry as Lord and even used it to poke fun at the contestant in seat number two, Joel, whom he said was a serf by comparison.

On Twitter, viewers rushed brutally ridicule Barry for his lord title.

The Chase contestant Barry, who was mocked for being a lord
Barry made it to the final chase with fellow hopefuls Nick and Joel (Credit: ITV)

One, taking issue with his fancy shirt, said: “For someone who’s called Lord Barry, he doesn’t have a very good dress sense does he #thechase.”

Another, speculating that Barry might be among those panic-buying due to the coronavirus pandemic, tweeted: “I bet Lord Barry’s built a throne out of toilet paper and sprayed it gold. His crown jewels are a bottle of hand sanitiser and a packet of pasta. #thechase.”

I thought he was nice enough. Ridiculous.

A third wrote: “This Barry prat gets more annoying by the minute #TheChase.”

Someone else said: “If Barry goes through I hope the team lose. He’s annoying me more than a low offer cad #thechase.”

But others were quick to defend Barry, insisting that he was “harmless” and simply having a laugh with his lord title.

“What a boring bunch of nasty [bleeps] watching The Chase today!” said one. “‘Lord’ Barry is hilarious, and a decent player. Not sure why all the losers calling hims a [bleep] on here… he’s clearly having a laugh with it. £45 for a ‘title’… why not!?”

“Barry seems to be driving everyone mad,” wrote another. “Seems pretty harmless to me. #TheChase.”

“I thought he was nice enough,” said a third, adding. “Ridiculous.”

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Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, hopeful Eve was caught by chaser Shaun Wallace, leaving contestants Barry, Joel and Nick in the final chase.

But they set up just 11 for the Dark Destroyer to beat and he finished them off easily with 45 seconds left to go.

It follows a shocking final chase in Thursday’s (March 19) episode, which saw viewers rush to Twitter to brand the contestants’ closing effort a “shambles” and “abysmal”.

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