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The Chase: Bradley Walsh stunned as contestant makes show history against The Vixen

'What a match!'

The Chase host Bradley Walsh was left stunned last night (February 4) after a contestant made show history as she played against The Vixen.

In a Chase first, after failing to get any questions right in the Cashbuilder round, contestant Janty wasn’t given the choice of accepting a lower offer.

This is because neither of the contestants that went before her had made it through to the Final Chase, so she had nothing to gamble with.

Instead, The Vixen star Jenny Ryan offered Janty the chance to play for £0 or £40,000.

And she decided to go hard or go home!

contestant on the chase
Contestant Janty didn’t get a single question right in the Cashbuilder round (Credit: ITV)

What happened to The Vixen on The Chase last night?

Janty was the third contestant to face The Vixen.

The previous two contestants failed to get through and, when Janty didn’t get a single question right, The Vixen was left with quite the conundrum.

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For the first time ever, she couldn’t offer a lower offer, so instead she gave Janty the chance to head back to play in the Final Chase with nothing in the hope that the last contestant would win some money to play with – or try for £40,000.

Cannot believe that! That was unbelievable! What a match!

She picked the latter, and to everyone’s astonishment, managed to make it through to the final.

Bradley Walsh was stunned and was seen running round the studio, punching his fists in the air.

He exclaimed: “Cannot believe that! That was unbelievable! What a match!”

Bradley added: “That will go down in Chase history – that was thrilling!

“I wish we could do that all over again.”

shocked Bradley on the chase
The Cashbuilder round left Bradley Walsh open-mouthed (Credit: ITV)

What happened when Janty faced The Vixen in the Final Chase?

The fourth contestant last night didn’t fare as well as Janty and was soon heading home empty handed.

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That meant Janty was left to play for her £40k alone.

However, her run of luck seemed to end in the Cashbuilder round and Janty got just six of Bradley’s questions right.

janty winning on the chase itv
Although she took £40k through to the Final Chase, it ended badly for Janty (Credit: ITV)

What happened in the Final Chase?

As a result, it didn’t take long for Jenny to catch her in the Final Chase.

In fact, with no chance for push backs, The Vixen caught Janty with one minute and 26 seconds remaining.

However, Bradley said: “It doesn’t matter what happened here, it mattered what happened there.”

Jenny added: “Janty, you were such a terrific player, that head-to-head was one for the ages.”

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