The Chase Bradley Walsh and Jenny Ryan

The Chase: Bradley Walsh stunned as Jenny Ryan mocks his age

The Vixen thought her remark was hilarious

The Chase host Bradley Walsh was stunned into silence yesterday after Jenny Ryan mocked his age.

During Monday (November 16) afternoon’s episode, the host welcomed four new contestants into the studio to take on The Vixen.

When the first of the team, Elizabeth, stepped up to face Jenny for her head-to-head round, she had a question about the first UK number one album achieved by a British artist.

On The Chase, Jenny Ryan made a dig about Bradley Walsh’s age (Credit: ITV)

The Chase’s Jenny Ryan mocks Brad after Tommy Steele question

Host Brad asked writer Elizabeth: “Who had the first album by a British act to reach Number One in the UK?”

The options were, A) Tommy Steele, B) Adam Faith or C) Cliff Richard.

The contestant had a question about the first UK number one album by a British act (Credit: ITV)

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Elizabeth got it wrong with Cliff Richard, as the answer was Tommy Steele.

“Tough question, though,” Jenny said, who answered it correctly.

Well, you’re old enough to have bought it.

“No it wasn’t!” Brad argued. “I knew it.”

“Well, you’re old enough to have bought it,” Jenny quipped.

The Chase host Bradley Walsh was speechless (Credit: ITV)

How did The Chase host Bradley Walsh react?

Laughter played out on screen and Bradders simply stared at the camera, stunned.

Jenny laughed her head off but Brad simply moved the show on, saying: “OK here we go, chaser moves within two of us…”

Elsewhere in yesterday’s episode, Bradley once again teased the prospect of viewers getting to see the new sixth chaser on the show.

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And some of those watching were frustrated that the new ‘mystery’ chaser – reportedly former contestant Darragh Ennis – once again failed to materialise.

Since last week (Monday, November 9), the ITV programme has shown a silhouette during the part of the programme where Bradley Walsh makes jokes about each of the chasers.

The Chase’s ‘mystery’ new chaser is yet to appear (Credit: ITV)

Viewers frustrated over new chaser teases

The dark outline of a new chaser now flashes on screen, but viewers are starting to feel frustrated that they haven’t yet got to see the newcomer.

The episodes since the first one showing the silhouette have all featured one of the five regulars – either Jenny Ryan, Shaun Wallace, Anne Hegerty, Paul Sinha or Mark Labbett.

Some viewers on Twitter have accused ITV of ‘taunting’ them, with some joking that they don’t believe there even is a sixth chaser.

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