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The Chase: Bradley Walsh in stitches over ‘Kimberley’s Big Hole’ question

It's like Fanny Chmelar all over again!

The Chase saw Bradley Walsh struck down with a fit giggles over an innuendo in one of the questions.

During Monday (November 2) afternoon’s episode, the first contestant to take on chaser Anne Hegerty was Nikki.

The teacher and exercise enthusiast got just two right in her cash-builder and after consulting with her team, decided to stick with the middle offer and play for her £2k.

On The Chase, Nikki had a question about a place called Kimberley’s Big Hole (Credit: ITV)

What got Bradley Walsh laughing on The Chase?

Reading out the second question in her head-to-head against the Governess, Bradley struggled to speak as he laughed over an apparent innuendo.

He said: “What gemstones are mined in Kimberley’s Big Hole?

“Is it A, diamonds, B, emeralds or C, sapphires.”

Host Bradley Walsh found it hilarious (Credit: ITV)

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Laughing, he added, trying to catch his breath: “Poor old Kimberley! You’ve put diamonds…”

Nikki got it right, as did Anne, who didn’t find it funny.

Chaser Anne Hegerty maintained a straight face (Credit: ITV)

What did Anne Hegerty say about the question?

“It’s a place in South Africa!” the chaser informed them.

Anne was on The Chase last week and got a string of questions wrong, which led to Bradley joking she might have left her brain in a box somewhere.

What gemstones are minded in Kimberley’s Big Hole… Poor old Kimberley!

The host read out a question asking which of three scientists was the first to get the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and he was certain Anne would get it right.

However, she didn’t and since she also got several others wrong during the round, she told Brad: “I don’t know anything today, sorry.”

The presenter quipped: “Have you put your brain in a box somewhere?”

Anne later joked she had been playing “like a chimp”.

The Governess was on The Chase last week too (Credit: ITV)

Anne Hegerty to do Strictly?

During the same episode, Anne also refused to rule out potentially doing Strictly Come Dancing at some point in the future.

A question in the head-to-head round asked: “Said to affect celebrities who appear on the show, the ‘Strictly Curse’ is blamed for what?”

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Broken bones, break-ups or bankruptcy were the options.

Bradley asked the Governess: “Would you do Strictly?”

“Erm…” she replied, thinking for a moment before adding: “Never say never.”

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