The Chase: Bradley Walsh accuses contestants of ‘not listening’ during disastrous final round

Paul Sinha also seemed surprised by the team's error

The Chase host Bradley Walsh appeared peeved as the contestants made a disastrous and unnecessary blunder during yesterday’s episode.

At the end of Monday (November 23) afternoon’s instalment of the ITV quiz show, all four hopefuls made it through their head-to-head rounds to face off against Paul Sinha in the final chase.

The team made a disastrous blunder during the final round in last night’s The Chase (Credit: ITV)

What happened during The Chase?

But the team seemed to rattle Brad, who accused them of not listening, when they accidentally gave an answer he had already revealed to be incorrect.

One of the questions Brad asked Paul was: “Which Roman goddess was born from the the head of Jupiter?”

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The Sinnerman answered incorrectly with: “Venus.”

The Chase team then had a chance to push the chaser back a step, so all four of them talked quickly among themselves for a moment, before settling on an answer.

“Venus,” they told Bradley.

Bradley Walsh couldn’t believe the team’s blunder (Credit: ITV)

What did The Chase host Bradley Walsh say to the team after their blunder?

He stared at them, stunned, and looked ticked off as he said: “You’re not listening!”

The Chase favourite Bradley Walsh told the team they were “not listening” (Credit: ITV)

Paul, too, told them: “That’s what I said”

You’re not listening! The chaser said Venus and it was wrong.

“The chaser said Venus and it was wrong,” Bradley added.

They had set up 19 steps for the chaser to beat, but Paul caught them easily in the end.

Paul Sinha prevented the team from taking home their £17,100 prize pot (Credit: ITV)

Paul Sinha accused of playing ‘mind games’

Elsewhere on yesterday’s episode of The Chase, Paul mocked one of the contestants after he accused The Sinnerman of playing mind games.

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Paul had tried to convince Ash that he should take the lower offer, but when Brad asked his teammate Geoff what he thought, he advised Ash not to listen to the chaser, saying: “He’s trying to play mind games with you, Ash, you’re much better than that, I know.”

Shortly after, Paul clapped back: “Geoff has accused me of playing mind games… imagine playing mind games on a mind game show! He’ll be accusing me of answering questions next.”

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