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The Chase: Anne Hegerty stuns Bradley Walsh with Marie Curie mix-up

The Governess likened herself to a chimp

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The Chase host Bradley Walsh was stunned over a string of incorrect answers from Anne Hegerty in tonight’s episode.

During Thursday (October 29) evening’s instalment of the ITV quiz show, Bradders couldn’t believe it when Anne got off to a shaky start, asking her if she had ‘left her brain in a box’ somewhere.

The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh poked fun at Anne Hegerty for making several mistakes (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Anne Hegerty on The Chase?

Contestant Jolian, from Lichfield, was the first up and when he took Anne on in the head-to-head round, she was left kicking herself after she got several questions wrong.

There was one in particular that she felt she should have known.

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Bradley Walsh asked them: “Which of these scientists was the first to win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry?”

“Here she comes, she’ll get this right,” Bradley said.

However, Anne answered incorrectly with ‘Marie Curie’ and the host couldn’t believe she got another wrong.

Anne Hegerty joked she had been playing “like a chimp” (Credit: ITV)

What did The Governess say about the blunder?

“I don’t know anything today Brad, sorry,” Anne joked, apologising.

“It’s okay,” Brad said. “What’s happened today!? Have you put your brain in a box somewhere?”

Later in the episode, Anne admitted she had been “playing like a chimp”.

What’s happened today!? Have you put your brain in a box somewhere?

It follows yesterday’s episode that saw Bradley groaning after reading a particularly terrible joke about Paul Sinha.

The presenter told viewers he thought it had to be the worst joke the show had ever seen.

As always, he read out quips about each chaser as videos of them appeared on screen.

Paul Sinha
Brad thought a joke about Paul Sinha was particularly terrible (Credit: Brett D. Cove /

Brad reads ‘worst joke ever seen’ on The Chase

When he read out the line for chaser Paul, he laughed and took aim at the quality of the joke.

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He said: “Or is it The Sinnerman? Playing him is demeaning – you learn ‘de meaning’ of all sorts of things.”

Pulling a face, he said: “That’s the worst joke we have ever had on the show!”

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