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The Chase: Viewers feel bad as Anne Hegerty ‘eats contestant for breakfast’

ITV viewers felt so sorry for Charlie

The Chase viewers had to feel sorry for a contestant on the programme last night as Anne Hegerty ‘ate him for breakfast’.

Thursday (September 17) evening’s episode of the ITV quiz show saw just one member of the team, Charlie, make it to the final chase.

Anne Hegerty on The Chase
Charlie faced Anne Hegerty alone on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

What happened when Charlie faced Anne Hegerty on The Chase?

Unfortunately, Charlie – who was playing for £3,000 – got just four questions right. That meant he set up a score of five steps for Anne to beat.

He called the score “embarrassing”, but when The Governess came on she offered him some consolation.

Poor Charlie. Just give him the money for being a nice man.

She said: “On the Croatian Chase, there’s a very good chaser called Dean Kotiga, who plays for Croatia in international competitions, and he also writes a monthly quiz called Squizzed. He once failed to catch a five. I don’t think I’m going to fail. But you never know.”

Anne Hegerty on The Chase
The Governess destroyed him easily in the final chase (Credit: ITV)

In the end, she caught him with one minute, 39 seconds remaining.

Reacting on Twitter, viewers couldn’t help feeling sorry for Charlie.

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“Poor Charlie,” said one. “Just give him the money for being a nice man #TheChase.”

Another wrote: “#TheChase I do feel sorry for the lad. Poor Charlie.”

Charlie on The Chase
Charlie called his score on The Chase “embarrassing” (Credit: ITV)

“#TheChase felt sorry for Charlie there,” said a third.

Someone else wrote: “#TheChase No need to be embarrassed, Charlie. You got to the final and nobody else did.”

“Anne Hegarty just ate that bloke up for breakfast,” tweeted a fifth.

Host Bradley Walsh reveals chasers’ ‘pass spiral’ theory

Before Anne demolished Charlie, host Bradley Walsh admitted: “It’s tough on your own”.

Charlie said: “After I [passed], I thought, I know the answer.”

Bradley Walsh on The Chase
Bradley Walsh explained why Charlie passed on so many questions (Credit: ITV)

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Bradders offered a theory on why he got such a low score. The presenter explained: “It’s what the chasers call a ‘pass spiral’. What happens is, you get the question to you, you know the answer to the question, you pass.

“And you’re still thinking about that answer when the next question comes along, so you miss the start of the next question. That constantly happens. They call it a ‘pass spiral’… don’t worry.”

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