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The Chase viewers fume as Anne Hegerty is defeated by ‘useless’ contestant

But host Bradley Walsh acknowledges his contribution

The Chase fans were frustrated last night when a seemingly ‘useless’ contestant still managed to beat Anne Hegerty and bag his winnings.

During Wednesday (August 26) evening’s repeat episode of the ITV quiz show, Matt, a 27-year-old nurse from London, went against the advice of his team and took a minus offer.

The Chase Anne
On The Chase. Matt, Sarah and Ailsa made it to the final round (Credit: ITV)

What happened on The Chase, and how did the contestant defeat Anne Hegerty?

Matt was the last player to do the cash-builder and got five correct. However, despite his teamates Sarah and Ailsa advising him to take the £5,000, he instead went for the -£2,000 low offer.

With the extra gap between him and chaser Anne Hegerty, Matt got back to his team for the final chase.

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They got 17 right, setting up 20 steps for the Governess to beat.

Of those, Matt contributed just two.

The Chase Anne
Matt took a minus offer during his cash-builder round (Credit: ITV)

How did The Chase viewers react?

On Twitter, angry viewers said they thought Matt won by doing “very little”.

One said: “#TheChase Matt can’t stand in his own place. Won by doing very little and taking money away from the clever girls!”

Another wrote: “#thechase Matt should donate £1,000 to each of the other two players.”

Matt doesn’t deserve that money!

A third tweeted: “Well Ailsa and Sarah deserve the money, Matt deserves nothing. Even though him being there won them the money #TheChase.”

A fourth put: “Well done Sarah and Aisla. Matt, you may have been the winning step but you were frigging useless #thechase.”

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Someone else vented: “Matt shouldn’t get his money with that bloody minus! Ailsa must be fuming! #TheChase.”

“As if Matt’s just won £3000 #thechase,” said one viewer in disbelief.

Another raged: “Nooooo! Matt doesn’t deserve that money! #TheChase.”

In the end they defeated Anne, who was just one step away from depriving them of their £9,000 prize pot.

Matt and his teammates Ailsa and Sarah therefore walked away with £3,000 each.

Host Bradley Walsh acknowledged the fact they wouldn’t have won if Matt hadn’t made it back to the team.

The Chase Anne
Bradders said the team would have lost if not for Matt making it back (Credit: ITV)

“You won by one!” the host said, gobsmacked. “Matt. All is forgiven.”

Some viewers felt the same, as one tweeted: “Matt taking the offer won them the cash. Taking the minus offer is the smart move in such situations. Don’t get the hate? #thechase.”

Another wrote: “Excellent! Really pleased they won! I will forgive Matt ever so slightly!”

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