The Capture: Hooked viewers convinced Hannah isn’t really dead!

Who is the real victim of the BBC drama?

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Episode four of BBC’s The Capture last night, and mercifully viewers were rewarded with a few answers to the head-scratchers that have amassed over the previous few weeks, before being landed with a couple more heavyweight questions.

After finding his lawyer Hannah Robert’s body at the end of episode three, prime suspect Shaun Emery managed to give police the slip, before being bundled into a van.

Hannah, The Capture
Hannah’s dead… but why? (Credit: BBC)

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The soldier was assured he was now with ‘the good guys’, who navigated London’s ‘blind spots’ – areas with no CCTV – to take him to a place of safety.

Meanwhile, fast-track cop DI Rachel Carey found herself suspended after she tried to move Hannah’s corpse for a faster post-mortem, and she was accused of plotting to make evidence public.

Shaun Emery The Capture
What’s Shaun messed up in? (Credit: BBC)

This was just a ploy to get her out of the way, as ordered by US agent Frank Napier in a call to DSU Gemma Garland, as he informed her they were even monitoring police HQ on CCTV.

Rachel confronted former boss and lover Commander Danny Hart, explaining that someone was interfering with police CCTV feeds and putting a delay on footage so they could manipulate it “live” by inserting faked images.

The Capture
Rachel realising her career is built on a lie (Credit: BBC)

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As he grimaced, the penny dropped that he had put her in charge of sifting through CCTV footage on a previous terrorism case; footage that had been tampered with, to secure a conviction…

At the end of the episode, we saw Shaun enter a secret room inside a warehouse nightclub, where a group of people were raising a toast to Hannah, reciting the lyrics to hymn To Be A Pilgrim.

Shaun’s solicitor Charlie then appeared and said: “Shaun, I imagine you’d like to know what the [bleep] is going on?”

Yes, yes he would… and so would we all.

This thriller has really got viewers hooked, comparing it to dramas such as Line of Duty and Bodyguard.

And there’s a burning conspiracy theory too. Many viewers are convinced that Hannah isn’t actually dead.

Well, it’s certainly a theory!

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