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The Cabins episode two tonight: Do the couples stay together?

Things are already heating up!

The Cabins episode two airs tonight and each couple will have the chance to extend their time together for another 24 hours.

Will they stick together? Or walk away?

Here’s what to expect and how to watch…

What happened on the first episode of The Cabins?

The first episode of The Cabins saw all three couples decide to extend their time together for another 24 hours.

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Couples Tom and Olivia, Charlotte and Sarah and Abraham and Sofia all hit it off – and the new episode will see them getting to know one another even more intimately.

abraham serenades sofia on the cabins
Abraham serenades Sofia on The Cabins (Credit: ITV)

What will happen on episode two of The Cabins?

Episode two is set to see each of the couples open up about their past relationships to one another. And then be faced with the nail-biting decision on whether they want to spend another day together.

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Tom and Olivia enjoy the sunset

In Stag’s Mount, Tom pull out all the stops and sets up a cosy area outside to watch the sunset with Olivia.

Tom seems to be a bit of a romantic! (Credit: ITV)

Olivia is touched and they snuggle up together – before pulling in for a tender kiss.

Later on Olivia gets a tad emotional, and admits she’s gone for the wrong men in the past. Tom is sympathetic, and encourages her to express her feelings.

What’s next for this fledgling couple?

Charlotte and Sarah go otter hunting

Charlotte and Sarah go searching for otters in the river after Sarah expressed her love for the cute critters.

After their jaunt, they get to know one another better in the hot tub.

Charlotte and Sarah hold hands as they search for otters (Credit: ITV)

Charlotte admits she’s very attracted to Sarah, but was initially worried she was out of her league.

But Sarah reassures her that she’s not – and she wants to be liked for more than her looks.

Back in bed, they share a kiss.

Will they stay at Otter’s Pocket another night – or is a check out nearing?

Sofia worries if she’s been ‘friendzoned’

Sofia and Abraham continue to get on well – but is there a romantic spark?

Abraham attempts to impress Sofia with his musical talents. He plays her a tune on his guitar and he admits he feels like he’s ‘won the lottery.’

She’s impressed by the lyrics but later worries about mixed signals. Is Abraham genuinely interested in Sofia – or just playing a game?

sofia on the cabins itv2
Sofia is anxious about her time with Abraham (Credit: ITV)

After she shares some personal information about her family, his reaction leaves her even more confused.

As night falls, Abraham prepares to sleep downstairs again.

Finally – has Sofia been friendzoned?

After 24 hours

After another day together each couple will receive a letter letting them know that the cabin is still available for a further 24 hours.

Will they extend their stays? Or see who else is out there?

How to watch The Cabins

The Cabins Continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

Past episodes can be streamed on ITVPlayer.

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