The Beast The Chase and Paul Sinha

The Beast supports The Chase co-star Paul Sinha as he warns trolls ahead of Beat The Chasers

Mark Labbett said there are 'absolute howler' mistakes in series two

The Beast supported The Chase star Paul Sinha as he warned trolls not to rip into his colleagues over mistakes made in the new series of Beat The Chasers.

Mark Labbett is back on screens with The Sinnerman and the other quizzers all next week for another outing of the spin-off series.

And ahead of the first episode airing, Paul took to social media to remind viewers that “mistakes happen”.

Paul Sinha has warned fans to remember how much pressure the chasers are under (Credit: ITV)

What did The Chase star Paul Sinha and The Beast say on Twitter?

Paul explained that the chasers have to make decisions “under emotional and time pressure”, while Mark admitted the new series will feature some “absolute howlers”.

The Sinnerman wrote: “Whatever happens in 2021, it is important to remember one major thing.

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“Beat The Chasers involves making decisions under emotional and time pressure. Mistakes happen.”

And Mark featured in the replies, where he agreed and said that the only way to avoid making mistakes would be to “do nothing”.

The Beast wrote to The Chase co-star Paul: “The only way to avoid mistakes is to do nothing. We all had some absolute howlers.”

Mark Labbett Beat The Chasers
Mark Labbett, whose nickname on the show is The Beast, said there will be some ‘absolute howlers’ (Credit: ITV)

When is The Chase spin-off Beat The Chasers series 2 on TV?

Beat The Chasers will get underway this Sunday (January 3) at 9pm on ITV.

It is airing across the week, with an episode showing each night at 9pm, except for Saturday (December 9), when the second episode of The Voice UK will be on instead.

The second series of Beat The Chasers, therefore, will conclude next Sunday (December 10).

What on TV tonight? Beat The Chasers
Beat The Chasers returns to screens this weekend (Credit: ITV)

What happens in Beat The Chasers?

The spin-off show, which also has Bradley Walsh as its host, turns the format of the ITV quiz show on its head – with a single player facing off against multiple chasers.

Paul’s warning to trolls comes after a considerable error the quiz champ made in the first series that shocked viewers at home.

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Fans defended The Sinnerman after he incorrectly answered the question: “What gas makes the drink cherryade fizzy?”

Paul, who hit his buzzer with lightning speed, said, “Coca-Cola!” then groaned as he realised his blunder.

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