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The Bay series 2: Who do ITV viewers suspect after episode one?

Stunning opening episode for the ITV drama

Series 2 of The Bay got underway last night with an explosive opening that nobody saw coming.

The first episode of the new series, starring Morven Christie as police officer Lisa Armstrong, rocked viewers with a violent murder at the end of the opening scene.

And viewers have locked onto a number of potential suspects.

Warning! Spoilers for episode one ahead!

Stephen Tompkinson as Stephen Marshbrook (Credit: Ben Blackall/ Tall Story Pictures/ ITV)

What happened in The Bay series 2 on ITV?

The drama started with Stephen Marshbrook (Stephen Tompkinson) and his family enjoying a garden party.

Stephen answered the door to a delivery man, only for the stranger to shoot him dead in front of his young son, Oliver (Leo Ashton).

The boy noticed a two-headed eagle tattoo on the assassin’s wrist – something that Lisa locked onto as a possible clue at the end of the episode.

Together with DS Med Kharim (Taheen Modak), they questioned a number of people who were close to the victim, including family members and colleagues.

But who do viewers think did it?

James Cosmo as Bill Bradwell (Credit: Ben Blackall/ Tall Story Pictures/ ITV)

Who do viewers suspect?

Bill Bradwell

Some viewers suspect Stephen’s father-in-law might have something to do with the killing.

He seemed genuinely devastated over the brutal assassination.

But according to viewers, something just isn’t quite right.

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One said they think he’s “definitely dodgy”, while another said they “don’t trust” the character.

Steven Robertson as Mark Bradwell (Credit: Ben Blackall/ Tall Story Pictures/ ITV)

Suspicious family members

Mark Bradwell

Others are suspicious of Mark, Stephen’s brother-in-law.

Lisa learned, when she went to the firm owned by Stephen and his family, that Mark wasn’t a partner in the company like Stephen.

Could jealously, or some promise of financial gain, have motivated Mark to have Stephen murdered? Some viewers seem to think so.

Owen McDonnell as Frank Mercer (Credit: Ben Blackall/ Tall Story Pictures/ ITV)

Frank Mercer

Later in the episode, Lisa and Med tracked down Stephen’s estranged daughter, Grace, and found her working at a scrap yard.

While there they spoke to the business’ boss, a man called Frank Mercer (Owen McDonnell), and some think he could be behind the shooting.

One tweeted: “That scrap yard boss/owner looks dodgy about this.. could be the shooter and he’s only missing the cap? #TheBay.”

Sharon Small as Rose Marshbrook (Credit: Ben Blackall/ Tall Story Pictures/ ITV)

Rose Marshbrook

Stephen’s wife, Rose (Sharon Small) was visibly distraught over what had happened.

To make matters worse for her, she wasn’t able to serve as her own son’s appropriate adult during police questioning because the cops had to question her, too.

A number of viewers she might have had something to do with Stephen’s assassination, though.

“I think in #TheBay the wife had something to do with it…” said one.

Who else could the killer be in The Bay series 2?

At the end of the first episode, Lisa’s ex, Andy (Joe Absolom) – father to her children Abbie (Imogen King) and Rob (Art Parkinson) – returned after some dodgy stalking.

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Could he be linked to the killing in some way? Or is it just a coincidence that he came back into Lisa’s life when he did?

Some viewers have suggested it could be Sunetra Sarker‘s character, Stella Bradwell, as she’s a well-known face playing a seemingly small part.

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