The Bay season 2 episode 2: Viewer theories over who killed Stephen at odds

ITV fans are hooked on the new dark drama

The Bay season 2 had an explosive opening, and now after episode two viewers are totally hooked.

The first episode of the new series shocked fans with a violent murder at the end of the opening scene.

The intrigue was ramped up during episode two, but are we any closer to finding out who killed Stephen Marshbrook?

Viewers have a few suspects in mind…

Lisa Armstrong is desperate to found out who the killer is (Credit: ITV)

What do we know about the killer after The Bay season 2 episode 2?

Oliver Marshbrook has finally revealed more of what he claims to have seen before his father’s death.

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First, we know that the killer had a double-headed eagle tattoo and a foreign accent.

Because of Oliver’s information, the police suspect the man is from Serbia or Russia.

But is that really the case?

Is Bill suffering from dementia? (Credit: ITV)

Was it Bill?

We learned lots more about Bill Bradwell (James Cosmo) during episode 2 of The Bay.

And it turns out there appears to be something wrong with his mind, even though he’s furious at the mere suggestion.

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Was Bill not in the right state of mind when he left the company to Stephen? Could he be quick to anger and have acted impulsively?

“Still think the father in law has something to do with it #TheBay” said one viewer.

Steven Robertson in The Bay on ITV1
Is the wife to blame? (Credit: ITV)

Did Stephen’s wife murder him?

It turns out there’s more to this family than they had first let on.

Viewers are convinced Rose Marshbrook knows more than she’s telling police. Why is she keeping secrets?

Stephen’s colleagues believed that he left work at 6pm every day to spend the evening with his wife and kids.

However, his wife and kids thought he was working late in the office.

If he was having an affair, did his wife kill him to get revenge? Why would she not tell police about it?

Is Mark the killer? (Credit: ITV)

Who else could be the killer after episode 2 of The Bay?

After episode 2, viewers are convinced that a member of Stephen’s family decided to off him.

Some even think Bill and Rose could have teamed up!

But who else could be the killer?

While ordering a hit on his own brother-in-law would be extreme, some viewers still think Mark could be the culprit after his shifty behaviour in the first episode.

With Bill appearing to be suffering from dementia and Stephen out the picture, Mark stood to benefit greatly from his death.

Elsewhere, some viewers have also suggested it could be Sunetra Sarker‘s character, Stella Bradwell, mostly because she’s a very well-known actress playing a seemingly small part.

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