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The Bay on ITV: Viewers left ‘furious’ after last night’s ‘heartbreaking’ episode

It wasn't good news for poor old Med!

The fourth episode of The Bay had viewers in tears last night (February 10) as it aired on ITV.

At the end of episode three, viewers watched in horror as policemen Med Kharim (Taheen Modak) was run over not once but twice.

Viewers of The Bay were left wondering if he would survive, and they were given their answer not long after episode four commenced.

If you haven’t watched it yet, there are spoilers ahead.

med dead in the bay
It wasn’t good news for Med fans last night (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Med in The Bay on ITV last night?

Med sadly succumbed to his injuries in episode four of The Bay.

Both Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) and DI Tony Manning (Daniel Ryan) rush to help him.

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But sadly he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lisa is then seen visiting his widow to break the bad news.

med dead in the bay
Viewers were less than impressed that the character died (Credit: ITV)

How did viewers react to the episode?

Viewers were pretty upset about Med’d death, it has to be said.

Some even branded the episode The Bay’s most “heartbreaking” yet.

OMG this is so heartbreaking but it’s the best episode yet,” said one viewer on Twitter.

Wow you’ve only gone and done it again. In tears during most of this episode.

“Oh my god Med!” another exclaimed.

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“Why Med? Why?!” posted another.

“One of those TV deaths you never get over,” declared another.

“Wow you’ve only gone and done it again. In tears during most of this episode,” another viewer revealed.

med dead in the bay
Lisa then had to tell the bad news to Med’s widow Lateesha (Credit: ITV)

‘Furious with the writers’

Others seemed to be pretty upset with the show’s makers that they’d decided to do away with Med.

“Out of order killing off Med after only a couple of weeks. I was enjoying seeing him take the lead. Him and Lisa were good together,” said one Med fan.

“That was a hard watch,” said another. “Will miss Med.”

Omg what a crazy episode! I’m so mad about Med though!” declared another.

I am furious with the writers of The Bay! Furious! How could they kill off Med?” asked another.

They’ve killed off the beautiful Med. Don’t really want to watch it now,” said another sadly.

You can watch the next episode of The Bay on ITV next Wednesday (February 17) at 9pm. If you can’t wait till then, binge it all on the ITV Hub now.

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