The Apprentice new series candidates

The Apprentice: Who’s going to go early? Who will we love to hate? Meet the full list of candidates

What do we make of this bunch?

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The new series of The Apprentice is finally upon us. Lord Alan Sugar, Baroness Karren Brady and newcomer Tim Campbell set more tough tasks, and oversee 16 new candidates as they attempt to win the investment money.

So who are this year’s motley crew? Who are the ones you’re going to want to love to hate? And who are the ones who are going to be fired early?

Here’s your 2022 line-up in full…

Aaron The Apprentice
Arron’s up for it (Credit: BBC)

The Apprentice new series candidates: Aaron Willis (38, Chorley)

This flight operations instructor wants to build his own security business, but this salesperson is “hungry for success”.

Furthermore, he won’t “let anyone stand in his way”.

ED! verdict: Won’t last long

Akeem in The Apprentice
Akeem would love to win (Credit: BBC)

The Apprentice new series candidates: Akeem Bundu-Kamara (29, London)

This strategy manager for a financial firm is, not surprisingly, a big numbers guy. He also considers himself a people person.

Akeem also states that he has “got the ambition, the drive and the experience working with strategy”. Whatever that means.

ED! verdict: Is Akeem in too deep?

Akshay in The Apprentice
Akshay dreams of profit (Credit: BBC)

The Apprentice new series candidates: Akshay Thakrar (28, London)

Another candidate in The Apprentice new series, Akshay is the owner of a digital marketing agency and claims to speak seven languages.

Perhaps one of them is nonsense, because he also claims that the first word he uttered as a baby was “profit” and now believes that sleep is a “waste of time”.

ED! verdict: Overuse of nonsense marketing jargon klaxon!

Alex The Apprentice
Alex left school early (Credit: BBC)

Alex Short (27, Hertford)

Despite leaving school after the first year of sixth form, Alex now owns a commercial cleaning company.

Furthermore, he’s on the way to tripling his turnover. Impressive.

ED! verdict: One to watch

Amy in The Apprentice
Amy is out to win (Credit: BBC)

Amy Anzel (48, London)

One of the oldest candidates to enter the boardroom, Amy is owner of a beauty brand – but she’s had experience with acting and producing jingles for big companies before.

She describes herself as determined, persistent and a “tough boss”. She also says: “I can be nice when I need to be, but when I unfortunately have to be a bitch, I will.”

ED! verdict: Could be a handful

Brittany on The Apprentice
Does Brittany have what it takes? (Credit: BBC)

Brittany Carter (25, Bristol)

This hotel front of house manager describes herself a social and kind. What’s she doing on The Apprentice?!

Well, there’s a reason – she wants to launch the first alcoholic protein drink. Something that the world has been crying out for. *Looks to camera*

ED! verdict: Could go early

Conor in The Apprentice
Conor plays rugby (Credit: BBC)

Conor Gilsenan (28, London)

Irish pro rugby player and sale exec Conor says that he’s “hyper-motivated by money”, and describes himself as a “corporate panther”.

ED! verdict: Confident and one to watch

Francesca in The Apprentice
Francesca is all about sustainability (Credit: BBC)

Francesca Kennedy Wallbank (26, Surrey)

The owner of a sustainability company, Francesca is looking for investment in her company that provides a product carbon footprint service for businesses with a simple equation of her own creation.

ED! verdict: Strong personality and could be one to watch

Harry in The Apprentice
Could Harry be the one? (Credit: BBC)

Harry Mahmood (35, West Midlands)

Intent on starting his own bath bomb business, Harry describes himself as an “Asian Lord Sugar”.

We’ll soon see how that plays out.

ED! verdict: Strong personality but too strong for some?

Harpreet in The Apprentice
Can Harpreet get to where she wants to go? (Credit: BBC)

Harpreet Kaur
30, West Yorkshire

Harpreet says: “I’m definitely not in business to make friends, I’m here to make money, and I’m pretty sure Lord Sugar isn’t looking for a new mate.”

She’s looking to “level up” her already successful coffee and cakes business.

ED! verdict: Another strong personality – but can she work with others?

Kathryn in The Apprentice
Kathryn has her own pyjama business (Credit: BBC)

Kathryn Louise Burns
29, Swindon

Kathryn now has ambitious plans for her online pyjama business and is confident that they will one day be “worn by everyone”.

She also describes herself as ambitious, kind, and often “savage”.

ED! verdict: Polished and savvy, but will she rub others up the wrong way?

Navid in The Apprentice
Navid is a pharmacist (Credit: BBC)

Navid Sole
27, London

Navid is not only a qualified pharmacist but also a Nicki Minaj superfan.

Not sure how that’s going to get past Lord Sugar.

ED! verdict: If ever there was a loveable/comedy character for this year, it’s Navid

Nick in The Apprentice
Nick is an accomplished businessman (Credit: BBC)

Nick Showering
31, London

Finance manager Nick has plans for a flavoured water company.

His approach on The Apprentice? “Kill them with kindness”.

ED! verdict: Not going to last long

Sophie The Apprentice
Sophie has great experience (Credit: BBC)

Sophie Wilding
32, London

Saleswoman turned businesswoman Sophie describes herself as “magical and enchanting”, which is new for The Apprentice.

She also says “winning is in my DNA”.

ED! verdict: Jury’s out

Shama in The Apprentice
Shama is mum to five kids (Credit: BBC)

The Apprentice new series candidates: Shama Amin
41, Bradford

Another candidate in The Apprentice new series is mum-of-five and owner of a children’s nursery, Shama.

She’s ready to prove she has the “skill set that is required to be one of the best, successful businesswomen in the early years sector.”

ED! verdict: Doesn’t suffer fools gladly… one to watch

Stephanie in The Apprentice
Stephanie wants to win it all (Credit: BBC)

The Apprentice new series candidates: Stephanie Afflek
28, Kent

The final candidate in The Apprentice new series is eager to make her mark in the fashion industry,

Stephanie says: “I’m an East London girl, and I’ve got that no-nonsense sort of work ethic. I’ve got grit, determination and I’m determined to be successful.”

ED! verdict: Won’t last long

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