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The A Word: Viewers baffled as Alison is ‘missing’ from Ralph and Katie’s wedding

Where was she?

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Fans of The A Word were baffled watching the hit BBC drama last night when one of the main characters appeared to be missing from the wedding.

During Tuesday (June 3) evening’s episode, Ralph and Katie tied the knot.

It was a beautiful scene and the happy couple had viewers laughing and crying in equal measure with their stunning vows.

The A Word
Last night’s episode centred on Ralph and Katie’s wedding (Credit: BBC)

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But there was one detail during the wedding that some eagle-eyed viewers couldn’t help noticing.

What did viewers say?

Alison, played by Morven Christie, didn’t appear to be there. That’s despite Ralph (Leon Harrop) being the step-son of her father, Maurice (Christopher Eccleston).

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On Twitter, one viewer joked: “Could Alison not be bothered this week? #TheAWord.”

Morven Christie in The A Word
Fans wondered where Alison was (Credit: BBC)

Another tweeted: “Why is Alison not at the wedding?! It’s her dad’s step-son’s wedding. Very strange #TheAWord gorgeous episode though x.”

What, wasn’t Alison there?

A third asked: “Where’s Alison tonight? #TheAWord.”

Someone else wrote: “We missed Alison… but otherwise, today’s episode was a classic. And the wedding… was fantastic.”

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“What, wasn’t Alison there?” a fifth tweeted to The A Word’s Twitter page.

A spokesperson for the BBC told ED! that Morven was missing due to a clash with her 2019 drama The Bay.

They said: “Morven was unavailable during the filming of episode five due to her commitments to The Bay but she will be back for episode six.”

Maurice actor Christopher Eccleston recently discussed the wedding and what it means for the characters.

A big day

In a chat with the Bournemouth Echo, he said his psychologist friend worried that The A Word’s Louise – Maurice’s partner and Raph’s mum, played by Pooky Quesnel – “won’t like it” at all.

The A Word
Christopher Eccleston plays Ralph’s step-dad Maurice (Credit: BBC)

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Christopher told the newspaper: “I’ve got a friend who’s an educational psychologist, and when I first got the script and I said, ‘Ralph’s going to get married’.

“She went, ‘Oh god, Louise won’t like that – the parents I know, they really, really struggle letting the kids have their independence because their whole life has been defined, and their whole selves have been defined, in this carer role’.”

The A Word concludes next Tuesday (June 9) at 9pm on BBC one

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