Tess Daly caught in embarrassing exchange live on air during the Strictly final

Who was she telling off?

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Tess Daly’s come in for some stick over the years for her slightly stilted presenting style.

And in last night’s Strictly final she was caught on the hop when Claudia passed over to her – and she wasn’t ready.

As Claudia congratulated Alexandra and Gorka on their jive, she said “Tess” to warn her co-star that the camera was coming to her.

But Tess wasn’t ready and instead viewers caught a glimpse of her apparently giving someone in the audience a right old telling off.

Tess was waggling her finger at the audience member (Credit: BBC)
She looked awkward as she realised the camera was on her (Credit: BBC)
 Tess was waggling her finger at the poor audience member as the camera panned on to her.
It took Tess a while to gather herself to carry on with her presenting (Credit: BBC)

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She realised it was her turn to speak, but looked unsettled for a second as she gathered herself to start presenting again.

We’d love to know who she was telling off – and why!

Tess also came in for some stick during last night’s show for gently mocking the way Giovanni says ‘Debbie’ but saying ‘pronouncement’ instead of ‘pronunciation’.

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And as this year’s Strictly came to a close, she wasn’t getting a whole lot of love on Twitter.

“Tess Daly wooden as ever,” said one disgruntled viewer.

“Tess doesn’t even sound sincere when she is sincere,” pointed out another.

But it wasn’t all bad. One viewer called Claudia and Tess the “dream team” while another said she was “excellent at her job”.

She’s certainly got us all talking!

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