Tess Daly hosts Strictly Come Dancing

Tess Daly accused of speaking to Strictly star ‘like a toddler’

Viewers weren't happy with how she spoke to Rhys Stephenson

Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly has come under fire as viewers accused her of speaking to Rhys Stephenson “like a toddler”.

Rhys became tearful after his Waltz to Light Up My Life by Whitney Houston with his partner Nancy Xu.

But viewers criticised Tess after she said to Rhys: “Are you having a little cry?”

Rhys Stephenson cries alongside Nancy Xu on Strictly Come Dancing
Rhys became tearful following his performance last night (Credit: BBC)

What did Tess Daly say on Strictly Come Dancing?

Following their performance, Rhys and Nancy hugged as he became emotional.

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Tess spotted the emotional moment, and could be heard saying: “Come on, darling. Aww Rhys!

“Come over sweetheart. Are you crying hunny? Are you having a little cry?”

Tess Daly speaks to Rhys Stephenson on Strictly Come Dancing
Tess came under fire for how she spoke to Rhys (Credit: BBC)

Rhys said: “Sorry, sorry. So embarrassing.”

Tess told him: “I know you were really nervous and I know you really wanted to do well. You don’t want to be in that dance-off again, do you?

“You were brilliant by the way, well done darling.”

Viewers soon flooded Twitter with comments about Tess, with many accusing her of talking to Rhys like a child.

One said: “Omg Tess speaking to Rhys like he was a toddler. That was so cringey.”

Rhys Stephenson emotional on Strictly Come Dancing
Viewers said Tess spoke to Rhys ‘like a toddler’ (Credit: BBC)

Another wrote: “That was uncomfortable to witness. Why did Tess feel the need to speak to Rhys like he was six years old? He’s an grown man, not her infant child.”

A third added: “Tess talking to Rhys like he’s a toddler is not it.”

One tweeted: “Did Tess forget she was talking to Rhys and not a toddler just then?”

Meanwhile, others branded her comments “condescending” and “patronising”.

One said: “Tess is so patronising I can’t even cope with how she just spoke to Rhys on live TV.”

Another wrote: “Tess being very condescending to Rhys there.”

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One added: “Jeez Tess just sounded so patronising with how she spoke to Rhys when he was crying!”

The Strictly Come Dancing results show airs on BBC One, tonight, at 7:20pm.

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