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Tension mounts on CBB as two housemates are nominated for eviction in female-only live vote

One will leave on Friday

The two housemates who face becoming the first to be booted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house have been decided.

In tense scenes last night, the nominations were made live after Emma Willis entered the house. In a twist that came as a shock to some, only the women were allowed to vote in keeping with the female suffrage theme of the series.

Emma Willis entered the house to chair the vote (Credit: Channel 5)

The face-to-face nominations led to grievances coming to light, while some had to give more details on their choices as Big Brother deemed their reason “invalid”.

It eventually transpired that the two who face the chop on Friday are India Willoughby and Jonny Mitchell.

The broadcaster received six votes from Rachel Johnson, Ashley James, Amanda Barrie, Maggie Olive, Ann Widdecombe and Jess Impiazzi.

India received the most nominations as six housemates voted for her (Credit: Channel 5)

Rachel Johnson said she voted for India because she felt “like we’re tip toeing around her sensitivities.”

Ann said her reason was “because of all the rows she’s caused”.

Maggie was more specific and said she nominated India “over the incident with the bed” as she “didn’t think that it should have gone to Big Brother.”

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Ashley admitted this also influenced her decision to nominate India as the incident had made her feel “awkward”, while Amanda said she was also nominating India because of the way she has been towards Ann.

Jonny is also up for the chop on Friday with four votes (Credit: Channel 5)

Jonny was the next least popular gaining four votes.

The Love Island star was told to take Rachel’s vote as a compliment though, as she said it was because he’s too good-looking.

She explained: “Gorgeous Jonny because I find him so attractive that I don’t trust myself around him. I’m a married woman and he’s a single guy.”

Only the female housemates could vote during the face-to-face live nominations (Credit: Channel 5)

Ashley also voted for Jonny, saying it was because “I feel like we don’t have enough in common,” while Amanda said she felt like he was not as much a part of the group as everyone else.

Malika was pushed to explain her reasons further when she was asked to vote, after being told nominating Ann “because I feel like we are torturing her” was not valid.

Malika was forced to go into more detail over why she voted for Ann (Credit: Channel 5)

She then explained: “I feel like everyone is always having to apologise to Ann.”

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She also ruffled the feathers of Apprentice star Andrew Brady by nominating him for not cleaning up in the bathroom when she’d asked him to.

So who will leave on Friday? Jonny or India? You decide!