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Tenable questions: Contestant Lanre stuns viewers with ‘awful’ geography blunder

Mexico? Oman!?

Some of the Tenable questions left the contestants stumped yesterday, but it was one about South America that drew out some particularly shocking guesses.

During Tuesday (March 9) afternoon’s episode of the popular ITV quiz show, host Warwick Davis welcomed the Clash of the Titans team into the studio.

Warwick introduced viewers to the Clash of the Titans team in Tuesday’s Tenable (Credit: ITV)

What happened with the first of the questions on Tenable?

The first question was: “10 least populated countries in South America.”

Team captain Ryan nominated Lanre to take it and his first answer was: “Mexico.”

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However, Ryan overruled him and TV presenter Warwick joked that meant it was a “a titanically bad answer”.

Lanre said ‘Oman’ for a question asking for South American countries (Credit: ITV)

Ryan suggested an answer of his own, Guyana, which was second on the list.

When it came back to Lanre to give another, he admitted he felt “stumped” and so nominated Ryan to play.

South American least populated countries and he has guessed Mexico and Oman?!

Ryan said, “Suriname” and Lanre took it. It turned out to be the top answer.

For his third go, Lanre said: “Oman? It’s definitely not South America though…”

He was right in that sense, as Oman is in the Middle East.

After getting that one wrong, he said: “Argentina.” It was the 10th answer on the board, and after that he went with Brazil, which wasn’t on the Tenable tower.

Some of the answers to the first question shocked viewers (Credit: ITV)

What did ITV viewers say?

On Twitter, Lanre’s lack of geography knowledge stunned viewers.

One said: “South American least populated countries and he has guessed Mexico and Oman?!”

A second wrote: “God this is awful. Oman in South America?”

A third tweeted: “Oman? Oh man! #tenable.”


A fourth demanded: “Why did the team captain pick him, clearly no clue on his geography. To say Mexico was in south America and poorly populated is just mind blowing. Then had to use a nominate right away. Before continuing to name countries with big populations.”

Another asked: “How can you go on Tenable and not know a single country from South America?”

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A sixth said: “Should be renamed Terrible. It feels like a spoof show like Numberwang.”

Someone else wrote: “This team is terrible at #tenable three completely wasted nominates, 1k in kitty, two in vortex. Not even that difficult questions today.”



In the end, the team went home with nothing.

– Tenable airs weekdays at 3pm on ITV

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