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Telly fans baffled as BBC cancels The One Show

No explanation or apology

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Fans of the BBC’s The One Show were miffed after the popular programme was cancelled in certain parts of the UK last night.

Yesterday’s (25.11.19) episode featured an interview with pop legend Sir Rod Stewart as he celebrates 50 years as a solo artist, so naturally viewers were looking forward to tuning in.

But for some, The One Show was nowhere to be seen when they turned on BBC One at 7pm.

Rod Stewart
Rod made a grand entrance singing his hit Maggie May (Credit: BBC)

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Frustrated fans took to Twitter to complain about missing out.

One wrote: “Why is there some woman walking around Yorkshire on when the #TheOneShow should be on?”

No explanation or apology from anyone or from anywhere.

Another viewer in the same boat replied: “I was looking forward to seeing #RodStewart. No explanation or apology from anyone or from anywhere. #TheOneShow @BBCTheOneShow.”

A third admitted, “I’m so confused. I cant find out what’s going on” and later added, “Just found it on BBC HD but not on northwest channel. Bizarre.”





Someone else offered: “For an unknown reason some BBC One areas opted out of #TheOneShow this evening; showing their own content. I always thought the flagship show was relayed across all regions all the time due to it being a live magazine programme.”

A fifth asked: “@BBCTheOneShow What’s happened to your show? #noshow #TheOneShow.”

“@BBCTheOneShow, please put out a statement why some regions didn’t get you tonight. People are going insane,” demanded a sixth viewer.

A spokesperson for the BBC told ED: “Some regions opted out of The One Show last night to make way for the Andrew Neil leader interviews which are central to the BBC’s election coverage. The One Show is available on BBC iPlayer.”




On last night’s The One Show, Rod Stewart joined hosts Matt Baker and Angela Scanlon on the couches.

Matt said: “You’re celebrating 50 years as a solo artist. That song, Maggie May, was the first number one, was it?”

Rod replied: “Yeah, 1971. And it wasn’t even supposed to be on the album. The record company said, ‘Ooh, no’. They said, ‘First of all, you’ve only got seven or eight songs, we need nine’.

Rod Stewart
Rod was on to talk about his lengthy career (Credit: BBC)

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“I said, ‘Well I’ve got this one, I haven’t quite finished it’. We put it on the album and they said, ‘But it hasn’t got a singalong chorus’, what the music business calls a payday.”

Rod, whose wife Penny Lancaster recently opened up about his secret cancer battle, continued: “I said, ‘Well this is the best I can do’. So we put it on… what do the record companies know?”

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