Tearful X Factor favourite apologises for racist rant

She claims she ISN’T racist

Last week, Kayleigh Taylor was the talk of The X Factor when the judges praised her for her audition performance.

But just days later her future on the show is in question after it was revealed that she once racially abused  a former school mate in a vile Facebook post.

The 28 year old hopeful has now apologised for the comments she made but said that she still sometimes uses the offensive words.

Kayleigh Taylor was a hit with the judges on The X Factor (Credit: ITV)

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Speaking in a tearful interview with the Liverpool Echo, Kayleigh said she was disgusted by her actions back in 2010 and claimed she was not a racist, even though she had used the P-word and told her schoolmate to “move back to her own country”.

“I’ve been branded a racist,” she said. “Apparently I have got no shame, I’m an unfit mum but’s not true anyway!

“There’s no denying it was racist at all. I’m not saying what I said was right, but I’m not a racist. I have got mixed race friends and friends from all different countries.”

Kayleigh says she is not a racist despite using a racist term (Credit: ITV)

The singer, who has also appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show, also said that she could understand why people were angry with her but maintained that she had changed a lot since the message was written in 2010 after she became a mum.

Kayleigh said she has changed for the better over the years (Credit: ITV)

“If my children used language like that I’d be horrified.

“If I heard someone say that to my daughter I’d kick off. It’s disgusting. It’s embarrassing.  I’ve apologised but it’s not been accepted.”

Kayleigh said she would punish her kids if they used that kind of offensive language (credit: ITV)

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Kayleigh, who claims she was bullied at school for being overweight and adopted,  goes on to say that she has changed over the years.

“People change and yes like I say I’ve used the word since, but I’m not racist,” she said.

“If my children used that word I’d send them to bed. I don’t use it as an everyday word, I’ve said it since and I wouldn’t like to hear my kids use it.

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