Taskmaster hosts Greg Davies and Alex Horne

Taskmaster: Greg Davies apologises after censored episode is accidentally aired

The Channel 4 show was back for the 12th series last night

Taskmaster star Greg Davies has apologised after a censored episode accidentally aired last night.

The Channel 4 show returned for a brand new series on Thursday night as Greg was joined by Alex Horne to host the comedy show.

Alan Davies, Desiree Burch, Guz Khan, Morgana Robinson and Victoria Coren Mitchell were also on the programme as they faced a series of tasks.

Taskmaster host Greg Davies during the new series
Greg apologised after a censored episode of Taskmaster aired (Credit: Channel 4)

Taskmaster new series

However, viewers weren’t impressed when they noticed all swearing was censored in the episode – which aired at 9pm.

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Viewers soon took to Twitter to complain about the lack of swearing!

One person said: “Good to see #Taskmaster back, though I do miss the swearing! Come on #channel4 it’s past the [bleep] watershed for [bleep]’s sake!”

Taskmaster hosts Greg Davies and Alex Horne
Alex also issued an apology on Twitter (Credit: Channel 4)

Another added: “No idea why @Channel4 have decided that they need to censor swearing on this series of #Taskmaster but it’s really *DING*ing annoying.

“Sort it out, you do a censored version for kids already.”

A third tweeted: “What’s with censoring the swearing???? Sort it out it’s after the watershed and we are adults.”

Another wrote: “What’s with the all the censoring of swearing on the new series of @taskmaster? It’s an adult show on at 9pm FFS.”

Greg Davies Taskmaster - Height and partner details
Greg Davies hosts Taskmaster (Credit: Channel 4)

Greg Davies on Taskmaster

It wasn’t long before comedian Greg addressed the complaints and explained what had happened.

He wrote on Twitter: “So sorry the bleeped version of Taskmaster got accidentally played out tonight but I’m so delighted to see so many people livid about a lack of bad language.

“Normal service resumed next week.”

Meanwhile, fellow comedian Alex also addressed the complaints on his Twitter.

He said: “Ah, just come off stage & have been told many times that the wrong versioning Taskmaster was played out.

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“Really sorry. Bleeped should be on All4. The normal version of this ep will be there soon.

“And normal service resumed next week. Thanks for understanding.”

Taskmaster continues on Channel 4, next Thursday, September 30, at 9pm. 

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