Take Me Out viewers shocked over contestant’s “horrible” remark


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Viewers couldn’t believe their eyes last night when a Take Me Out contestant made a stunning confession.

Bella was on a romantic date with magician Phil on the Isle of Fernando’s when she let slip the only reason she was even there was because she forgot to switch her light off.

Covering her face with her hands, Bella told Phil: “I have got a really horrible confession. I was just so enraptured by your magic that I pressed my light but it was too late.”

Phil replied: “So I would have had a blackout if it hadn’t been for you pressing your light?”

Bella said: “Yes, exactly.”

Some viewers were shocked that Bella had been so open about her light gaffe.

But other viewers thought Bella was right to be honest, even if Phil might not have appreciated the truth there and then.

Despite Bella’s confession, Phil decided to try his luck anyway and asked Bella if she would like a second date, but she said no.

She later told the cameras: “He didn’t take the fact I didn’t turn my light off on time very well.

“I genuinely thought it was one of the best first dates. He seemed like a nice guy. But it was the wrong person.”

Phil reacted to the date by saying: “I was a little bit gutted but I think I took it pretty well.

“Was it too good to be true? Hey, I got to Fernando’s with her and I had a great time.”

And it looks as if Phil isn’t taking it too personally, as he tweeted after the episode: “Thanks for your support lads (and ladies!) I’m fine, still looking…..”

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