Susanna shares pic of night out with Piers before they head back to work

What fun hey look like they had!

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Awwww, we always knew they liked each other really.

They may spar a lot on Good Morning Britain, but it would seem that Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan are actually best buds in real life.

As any GMB viewer will know, Piers takes great pleasure in poking fun at his co-anchor and is at his happiest when he gets confrontational while Susanna plays good cop.

We love the fact that Piers and Susanna bicker on screen and we’ve missed it over the summer (Credit: ITV)

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There have even been times when they have joshed about how excited they are about spending time apart during holiday times.

But, it would seem, they have found it hard to keep away from each other during their summer hols and actually met up, in their own time for a drink – a full week before they returned to work.

Former BBC Breakfast host Susanna posted a picture of the pair of them enjoying drinks on a night out in Soho.

Susanna posted a pic of her and Piers on a night out in Soho (Credit: Instagram)

She captioned the pic: “Reunited. #gmb #soho #bignightout after enjoying a length summer break”

The pair of them were both smiling broadly in the snap, as though they were actually having fun.

For some, it was a far cry from when poor Suse has her head in her hands when Piers veers off on dangerous on-air territory.

One fan said they had missed them, while others were horrified at the idea of Piers’ return to TV.

The popular morning hosts are back on the Good Morning Britain couch next week after a summer break.

And viewers will be happy.

Jeremy Kyle Kate Garraway (ITV)
Viewers weren’t keen on Piers stand-in Jeremy Kylie (Credit: ITV)

Stand-ins like Jeremy Kyle was heavily criticised by viewers who didn’t like his interviewing style.

Richard Madeley, on the other hand, went down a storm with viewers who wanted him to remain on the show.

Of course many viewers love the antagonistic onscreen relationship between Susanna and Piers and can’t wait to have them back where they belong.

Instagram @amb_d
What will Piers say about Kem and Amber’s controversial presenting stint on GMB (Credit: Instagram)

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But what we can’t wait for, is to see what Piers’ reaction is to Kem and Amber from Love Island’s recent co-presenting gig on the show.

In the past he has not been shy about how much he hated the sun-soaked show.

So we can’t wait for them to come face-to-face!

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