Susanna Reid returns to GMB and debuts new hair

But Piers didn't even notice!

Everyone needs a break from work, it’s the best way of rejuvenating and refreshing yourself.

And what better way to let people see that new you than by having a bit of a make over.

And that’s exactly what Susanna Reid did this morning when she made her amazing return to our morning couch.

Susanna showcased her new look today (Credit: ITV)

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And while we at home could spot her sleeker and shorter new do, Piers – the typical fella – didn’t seem to notice at all.

In fact it was only when political commentator Andrew Pierce said how much he liked her new look that the hardened news journo was embarrassed into noticing.

Political commentator Andrew Pierce was the first to notice her new look (Credit: ITV)

Pleased that someone had pointed her sleek new locks, a smiling Suse said: “I’m so glad someone noticed. Thanks so much.”

Almost sounding apologetic, Piers replied “I didn’t realise you had [a new hairstyle]. I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying enough attention.

“Now I can see it, it looks lovely.”

But Susanna wasn’t happy, telling him “Thanks, it’s a bit late!”

Susanna wasn’t happy that her fellow anchor noticed her shorter do (Credit: ITV)

It was great to see our favourite morning anchors back on the couch after a summer of stand-ins.

Some had gone down a storm like Richard Madeley, others not so, like Jeremy Kyle.

But we’re lucky to have Piers back at all.

During his time off he broke three ribs after a fall on holiday in the Caribbean.

The brave trooper told viewers on this morning’s show that he should have actually taken time off to recover, but admitted that he’s not that kind of guy.

Piers broke his ribs on holiday in the Caribbean (credit: ITV)

“You’ve got to man up,” he said.

“I mean, I could have stayed in bed, but it’s all about rising to the challenge. So here I am in agony.”

Speaking about his accident, he said: “I was walking with two tennis rackets, two tennis balls and two bananas.

“You should have seen the crime scene after it happened.

“I rocketed back and landed on my back and just lay there.

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“The nurse at the hotel said ‘Don’t worry it’s just bruises’ so I carried on for two weeks.

“And then I go back here and its’s three clean fractures.”

Clearly the pain hasn’t affected his ability to moan.

But welcome back Piers, we’ve missed you.