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Good Morning Britain viewers slam Susanna Reid for coronavirus lockdown questions

"People need to know it has got a time frame"

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As another week of coronavirus lockdown draws to a close, Good Morning Britain fans have hit out at Susanna Reid.

The popular daytime presenter is concerned a decision on the lockdown will be delayed, as Boris Johnson remains in hospital with COVID-19.

Viewers took aim at the GMB host accusing her of not listening and ignoring the figures.

On today’s show Susanna Reid questioned headlines that expressed the lockdown would continue “indefinitely.”

Some Brits are expecting the status of the UK’s lockdown to be reviewed soon at Monday’s government press conference.

The social distancing regulations are designed to halt the spread of the spread of COVID-19 and reduce pressure on the NHS.

However, many members of the public feel we are not in a position to end the current measures.

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susanna reid gmb
Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain. (Credit: ITV)

The GMB host began by saying: “No one is saying the lockdown should be lifted but people may be worried, as Boris Johnson is in hospital, a decision on the lockdown will be delayed. ”

“People need to know it has got a time frame or that it is a rolling lockdown.”

However, those watching along at home wondered why Susanna and co-host Ben Shephard were “speculating” about the end of the lockdown.

Many fans felt it was clear that it wouldn’t be “anytime soon” and urged the journalists to consider the death toll.

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“Are they not seeing the figures?”

One said: “#GMB oh susanna… we don’t need the prime minister to make a decision to lift the lockdown because we all know the lockdown is going to last at least another month.”

Another tweet read: “The lockdown has weeks to go but you don’t listen?”

A Twitter user added: “What is making the media think that government can lift #lockdown or think about it? Are they not seeing the figures?@GMB”

“Until the figures come down we can’t come out.”

“Why are journalists speculating on this? Just wait until the government make the announcement. #gmb”

A final user shared an emotive message: “Almost 1000 people (that we know of) lost their lives in the UK yesterday. But all #GMB can talk about is when the lockdown is going to end. It’ll be lifted when it is safe to do so and who knows when that will be. It’s certainly not going to be this week or next.”

“On the frontline”

Susanna Reid also angered more fans as she demanded to know when children would be returning to school.

The host hoped it would be before September.

One mother shared her opinion on the social media platform: “Am I the only one annoyed at the discussion on when schools will reopen? It was mentioned that worry would be there for teachers “on the frontline” but not for the thousands of children attending! I won’t be comfortable sending my kids yet #goodmorningbritain #GMB”

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“Silver lining”

Recently, Susanna Reid also pleaded with health secretary Matt Hancock to keep the country’s parks open.

Her comments came after he threatened to take away the “precious” daily exercise allowance if Brits continue to flout the rules.

Susanna said: “If you felt claustrophobic when he said that, you weren’t alone. A daily walk is the silver lining of what feels at times like a very dark cloud. So this is my plea to the government — national and local — to keep our parks and green spaces open.”

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Coronavirus death toll rises

The number of UK cases of coronavirus has now reached 60,733 and the death toll has risen again to 7097.

With numbers updated everyday, these provide a stark reminder of the importance of staying at home.

After the Prime Minister spent his third night in intensive care, reports reveal the UK lockdown has no end date in sight.

The issue will be discussed today in a COBRA meeting.

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