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Susanna Reid documentary viewers spot typo in closing message about Darlie Routier

The GMB star interviewed the convicted child killer

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Susanna Reid gripped viewers with her documentary about convicted child killer Darlie Routier.

During Thursday (December 10) evening’s programme, viewers learned how the mum was sentenced to death for the 1996 murders of two of her sons.

Routier claimed that a stranger broke into the family’s home in Texas and brutally attacked her young boys before slashing her throat and fleeing the scene.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed a mistake at the end of Death Row’s Women with Susanna Reid (Credit: ITV)

Susanna Reid documentary viewers spot typo

Viewers found it equally fascinating and heartbreaking, but a typo at the very end of the documentary left some scratching their heads.

An on-screen message as the documentary came to a close revealed that Routier and Darrin, the boyfriend she met while behind bars, had split up.

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Misspelling the word ‘separate’, it revealed: “After several months of dating, Darlie and Darrin have decided to go their seperate ways, but they remain friends.”

susanna reid documentary death row
An on-screen message at the end of the Susanna Reid documentary (Credit: ITV)

On Twitter, a number of people picked up on the error, with one tweeting: “Sometimes I wish my internal spellchecker would switch off… but how did that get through? A fascinating watch #DeathRowsWomen with @susannareid100.”

A second demanded: “How could a company like ITV spell ‘separate’ wrong on a major documentary? #susannareid #DeathRowsWomen #itv.”

A third tweeted: “Come on ITV, this typo on prime-time TV is ridic. @ITV #typo #deathrow #deathrowwithsusannareid.”

ED! contacted ITV for comment.

What did ITV viewers think of the death row programme?

Viewers otherwise heaped praise on the GMB host‘s programme, with many unable to decide whether or not they think Routier is guilty.

One viewer said: “Have to say though, a programme like that gets everyone talking, well done @susannareid100. Brilliant show, it’s just a shame in all the drama, the two people who could tell us what happened are dead, those children #DeathRow.”

What an amazing, intriguing programme. I have always thought she was guilty.

Another wrote: “@susannareid100 What an amazing, intriguing programme. I have always thought she was guilty. Can’t say it is changing my mind, but making me think. Thank you xXx #DeathRowWomen #DeathRow.”

Someone else put: “Wow, what a gripping documentary. #DeathRow with @susannareid100 on @ITV was compelling. Guilty or innocent, then? #susannareid #ITV.”

Decades on death row

Routier has been on death row since 1997 because investigators didn’t believe her story.

They thought she stabbed her sons and then slashed herself to make it look like she had been attacked.

susanna reid documentary death row
Convicted child killer Darlie Routier maintains her innocence (Credit: ITV)

Certain elements of the crime scene, in the police’s view, supported the conviction, including the fact that bloodied footprints were found underneath debris like glass and an overturned vacuum cleaner, suggesting the scene had been upended after the killing.

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Investigators also said they found fibres from a slashed window screen – the apparent point of entry – on a knife from the kitchen.

Routier still maintains her innocence and reportedly has the support of her surviving grown-up son, who was a baby at the time of the murders.

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