Susanna Reid on GMB

Susanna Reid clashes with Edwina Currie in intense debate over lockdown rules on GMB

Edwina accused Susanna of not reading the government's plan

Susanna Reid and Edwina Currie clashed over the new lockdown guidelines on Good Morning Britain.

The former politician appeared on Tuesday’s programme and accused Susanna of not reading the government’s plan to tackle the coronavirus.

However, Susanna was just discussing the confusion from people over social distancing and seeing people from other households.

Susanna Reid on GMB
Susanna Reid and Edwina Currie clashed over the new lockdown guidelines (Credit: ITV)

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On Sunday evening, Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation to explain the first steps in their plans to reopen society.

Among the new rules, we can see one member of a separate household but at a distance.

However, people are allowed to visit public places surrounded by strangers as long as they keep a distance.

Susanna questioned why she can be surrounded by strangers in parks but is only allowed to meet one person she knows.

What did she say?

The presenter said: “We’ve been told these measures are all down to our good British common sense.

Edwina Currie on GMB
Edwina accused Susanna of not reading the government’s plan (Credit: ITV)

“Many people will be looking at offices and businesses where people will be congregating.

“[They’ll be thinking], ‘If I can see someone at work, why can’t I see a couple of members of my family outside in a park?’

“Why do I have to limit it to just one person? If I can be in a studio with lots of people, couldn’t I be out in the common with lots of people?”

However, Edwina said: “Well Susanna, the way you’ve put that question suggests to me you haven’t actually read the government’s 50 page plan…”

Susanna hits back

Susanna cut in: “Can I just put you right?

“Because I have read every word of the government’s 50 page plan.

“Which bit of it says I can meet my whole family outside on the common?”

Edwina said: “It explains very carefully that if you meet another household then that family meets another household, that’s a transmission rate that we perhaps could cope with.”

Susanna interrupted: “But hang on, if I’m on the common, I’m meeting lots of other households. I just don’t know them.”

Brilliant. That’s total common sense!

Edwina replied: “With all due respect, I want to know from you what is it about social distancing and washing your hands you don’t understand?”

Susanna said: “So on the common, I stay two metres away from lots of other people on the common.

“But I’m only allowed to actually know one of them.

Susanna Reid on GMB
Susanna hit back at Edwina on GMB (Credit: ITV)

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“So I can be on the common two metres away from lots of people I don’t know but I’m not allowed to know more than one of those people.

“If I see someone else that I know I have to move away from them to other people I don’t know.”

Edwina exclaimed: “You’ve got it!”

In conclusion, Susanna replied: “Brilliant. That’s total common sense! As long as I go home and wash my hands, everything is absolutely fine.”

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