Susanna Reid bolts across studio and GMB viewers switch off TV during ‘terrifying’ segment

Warning: this post is not for the faint-hearted!

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Good Morning Britain viewers were left cowering behind their sofas after a VERY unwelcome guest invaded the set.

Even the show’s co-host Susanna Reid was seen hurtling to the other side of the studio when confronted by the nightmare scenario.

N0, it wasn’t another spat with Piers Morgan.

It was actually a rather terrifying and way-too-large-for-comfort giant tarantula who was brought on set in a glass cage.

Susanna Reid outed herself as not really that keen on spiders. Join the club [Credit: ITV]

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Susanna – and many viewers – were left squirming and ducking for cover after Piers casually sauntered over to the cage and flipped the lid open, despite Susanna’s screams of protest from across the room.

“If you’re terrified of spiders, and I’m not that keen on them, can you see this?” asked Susanna.

“It’s only a blinking tarantula in the studio!”

A tarantula named Ergog was special guest in the studio on Tuesday [Credit: ITV]

While Susanna disappeared as far away as possible, Piers didn’t seem that bothered by the eight-legged guest and asked: “Can we get in there?”

Susanna screamed at him: “No, no, no, you’re not allowed to! Please close that box up, please!”

Piers retorted by asking: “Is it going to kill me or not?”

Luckily for Susanna, showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold was nearby to flip the lid closed again – and she chose to stay well away from the spider for the rest of the show.

Piers wasn’t fussed by the spider and even opened its cage [Credit: ITV]

Luckily for a screaming Susanna, Richard was on hand to shut the cage again [Credit: ITV]

It’s probably not been the easiest week for Susanna or anyone with a fear of spiders, as GMB has been trying to alleviate those fears by bringing actual spiders and tarantulas on set.

Not exactly what you want to see first thing in the morning…

Plenty of viewers took to Twitter to say they weren’t too keen on the creepy crawly segment – and didn’t blame Susanna for bolting!







Later on, the GMB team were joined by ex Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan and Gemma Magnusson, a four-times Britain’s Strongest Woman, who both admitted having a fear of spiders

Susanna decided to stay away from the spiders this time around, explaining: “Now, I’m over here at the desk because I’m not scared of spiders, I’m scared of what Piers Morgan would think was funny to do with someone who doesn’t particularly like spiders when they have a whole load of spiders in boxes in front of them.”

“Chicken!” shouted Piers.

Susanna said she was staying well away from the spider segment – mostly because she didn’t trust Piers! [Credit: ITV]

He insisted: “They don’t bother me. I could put them on my hand, crawl down my back, I don’t care… I love him. He looks to me like a perfectly harmless, nice, massive tarantula.”

Proving that, Piers even handled the biggest tarantula – named Ergog – and leaned down to plant a kiss.

“I love little Ergog!” he insisted.

Piers asked to hold Ergog, the giant tarantula [Credit: ITV]

It was love at first hold as he cooed over the creature [Credit: ITV]

James and Gemma weren’t too convinced [Credit: ITV]

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Susanna remained far away at her desk while Piers cooed over the spider, as James and Gemma alternated between staring with horror and genuine interest.

While they didn’t touch any of the spiders this time around, Piers insisted he’d have them cuddling Ergog by the end of the week.

Er, good luck with that, Piers…