Joe Lycett wore a visor on Channel 4

Sunday Brunch: Joe Lycett baffles viewers with his appearance

A lot of anti-mask people seem to have been 'triggered'

Comedian Joe Lycett divided viewers of Sunday Brunch as he appeared on the show wearing a protective visor.

The 33-year-old puzzled some of those watching at home who presumed he was ‘having a joke’.

However, Joe wore the face shield throughout his Channel 4 chat with hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer.

Joe Lycett appeared on Sunday Brunch
Some of those watching at home couldn’t work out why Joe Lycett would wear a visor on TV (Credit:

Joe Lycett confuses some Sunday Brunch viewers

Joe’s choice of headgear immediately prompted strong reactions on social media.

Viewers made their feelings clear on and to the Sunday Brunch Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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Some admitted to being perplexed as to why Joe would wear the visor, despite nearly 18 months of a global pandemic.

Others, clearly irritated by Joe’s shield, accused him of ‘attention-seeking’ and hurled abuse in his direction.

How viewers reacted

“I’m very confused about the visor?” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Everyone is socially distanced, is this making a point?”

Another person pondered: “What’s with the visor? Just curious…”

Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer lean in
Sunday Brunch is presented by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer (Credit: YouTube)

‘Attention seeker’

One clearly rattled observer saw the open-ended, unexplained stance with the visor as an opportunity to take a dig at Joe’s flamboyant act.

“Because he likes to be centre of attention as always,” they replied to another baffled Insta user.

And someone else on Twitter echoed that thought: “Why the visor? It literally makes no sense. Unless you’re an attention seeker.”

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However, other people defended Joe wearing a visor.

One person laughed, adding emojis to their post: “Looks like he has triggered a lot of people wearing a visor.”

“Leave him the heck alone,” one supporter insisted.

“If he wants to wear a visor, he can.”

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