Sunday Brunch guest mocked for bizarre outfit choice

It'll be all white on the night

It must be quite tricky to be a guest on a live telly show. You’ve got to make sure you don’t say anything daft, while remembering to promote your new book/single/film or whatever you’re promoting.

You also need to make sure you’re wearing an outfit that won’t have viewers taking the mickey out of you for the whole show, either!

Scarlett Moffatt came a cropper this way a few weeks ago, when it looked like her top was designed with a very rude body part in mind.

And singer Raye has just fallen victim to the same thing, with her all-white outfit having Sunday Brunch viewers in stitches.

All-white then (Credit: Channel 4)

The pop star was in the kitchen with Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer to talk about her new single and show off her skills on the stove.

She’d been talking up her songwriting abilities, but viewers were already a bit confused, as her current single is a cover.

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And then she confessed she didn’t know how to turn on the studio’s dishwasher – not an unforgivable crime, as they can be quite complicated.

That’s going to show up a lot of stains, Raye (Credit: Channel 4)

However, viewers only had eyes for one thing – Raye’s all-white outfit, which led to some rather amusing comparisons being made!

One viewer commented: “Is Raye about to paint someone’s house?” while another said: “Either that or she’s about to investigate a crime scene.”

Another likened Raye’s look to the classic Beastie Boys video for “Intergalactic”, saying she was just missing the high-vis strips.

The pop star had been discussing her recent work travelling the globe from LA to Cuba, working on songs and learning from masters like John Legend.

Perhaps she got some fashion tips from the A-Listers too, as they’re not averse to wearing something a bit controversial from time to time.

It was a whisk she was willing to take (Credit: Channel 4)

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As Simon whipped up a lovely looking dish of fish and potatoes, Raye pitched in with some chopping and general help – and did an admirable job keeping her pristine white clothes clean – so that’s something, at least!