Sunday Brunch forced to apologise after guest swears on live TV

Made In Chelsea star caused an embarrassing blunder

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Sunday Brunch presenter Tim Lovejoy issued an apology to viewers today after a naughty guest accidentally swore while being interviewed.

Made In Chelsea star Alik Alfus broke the first rule of live daytime TV – don’t say anything rude!

Reality star Alik was on the sofa alongside fellow Chelsea resident Ollie Proudlock, talking about his career.

Alik was a guest on the show (Credit: Channel 4)

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After Tim asked a question about why Alik had left behind a job at his father’s textile business, Alik dropped the swear-bomb.

Alik said: “You have to identify the type of person you are and it became very clear that I wanted to be in some form of entertainment and not work at this desk job.”

He then continued: “So it was [bleep] or get off the pot,” before realising his mistake, saying: “Oh, I can’t curse.”

No you can’t in the morning on live TV!

No filter on Alik! (Credit: Channel 4)

Ever the professional, 49-year-old Tim leapt straight into damage limitation mode.

He said: “Oh, let me just apologise for that,” before shooting a “Yeah, don’t say that” at his guest.

Tim moved on quickly (Credit: Channel 4)

While Sunday Brunch bosses clearly don’t want their guests turning the air blue, viewers found it funny.

One wrote: “That crash you just heard was the floor manager fainting.”

Another said: “What did the MIC guy just say on #SundayBrunch? Love a swear live on air!”

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After the gaffe, Tim got things back on track quickly enough, and the rest of the show passed without a hitch.

Meanwhile, Sunday Brunch wasn’t the only show apologising to viewers for bad language this weekend.

Ant McPartlin had to say sorry during Saturday Night Takeaway when a stunned guest mouthed “[bleeping] hell” after being chosen to play Win The Ads.

It was all done in good humour (Credit: ITV)

Ant said: “Well done, Louise. Now, I have to apologise for any bad language somebody may have mouthed when they were surprised. Say sorry, Louise.”

Louise laughed: “I’m sorry!”

Ant replied: “She’s sorry about that!”

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