Sunday Brunch on Channel 4

Sunday Brunch viewers all saying same thing after ‘painfully embarrassing’ show today

Other fans have heaped praise on the cooking show

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Sunday Brunch viewers have demanded a ‘revamp’ of the Channel 4 show.

The cooking show – which is presented by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer – started in 2012 and has been a big hit.

However, after the latest instalment some fans said they didn’t think it was quite what it used to be.

Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer host Sunday Brunch
Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer have hosted Sunday Brunch together since 2012. (Credit: Channel 4)

Sunday Brunch on Channel 4: What did viewers say?

According to some viewers, the show needs a serious change.

One person posted a message on Twitter saying it was “painfully embarrassing”.

In addition, another viewer suggested that the production on the show, which combines cookery with interviews with famous guests, was “terrible”.

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“Also, why are there so many silences from the presenters?” the person tweeted.

“Time for a revamp or knock it on the head.”

A third viewer said that weekend morning television “used to be entertaining”, adding: “WTF happened.”

Meanwhile, a fourth stated that the Channel 4 programme needed a bit of a shake-up.

“You need a new format – new presenters, new set etc,” they wrote.

A fifth shared: “Z list TV presenter and a failed TV chef laughing at sick animals. #sundaybrunch needs new presenters or just cancelling at this point.”

Plenty of fans still adore Sunday Brunch

However, there were also plenty of viewers singing the programme’s praises following Sunday Brunch today.

“Not a vegan lover but that looks smashing, loving the show yet again,” said one.

Another person was particularly impressed with the burgers, tweeting: “I’ve never wanted to reach inside the TV more than just now!!!”

“Could you make me one?” quipped another viewer.

Other viewers also enjoyed the line-up of guests.

“What a treat to have @Fearnecotton on @SundayBrunchC4 this morning,” said one, adding: “Such a lovely human.”

Another was bowled over to see Hollywood star Kiefer Sutherland on the show.

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