Strictly’s Susan Calman reveals the show is helping with her depression

She's having the best time

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Strictly Come Dancing star Susan Calman has revealed competing in the show has helped in her fight against depression.

The Scottish comedian has quickly become a fan favourite after five weeks of the competition alongside partner Kevin Clifton.

She said the show had “undoubtedly” boosted her self confidence as well as helping her to think more positively.

Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Susan dances a Cha Cha on Saturday night (Credit: Guy Levy/BBC)

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“I’m a great believer in exercise helping depression,” Calman said.

“The absolute joy I am getting from performing on a Saturday night, it is helping without question, helping my mood and how I feel about things.”

She added: “I’m not 6ft tall, I suffer from self-confidence issues like a lot of women and men and I’m kind of doing it to show you can put yourself out there and you can have fun doing it.

“I’ve gone out and danced live in front of nearly 11 million people on a Saturday night and people seem to be enjoying it so my self-confidence is going up.”

Asked whether she thought that was helping her to connect with viewers, Calman said: “Anything that helps people is a fantastic thing and if me doing it is helping people then that’s great.

“I’ve always been very positive about my depression and it doesn’t need to be as horrific if we talk about it and are open about it.

“The great thing about Strictly is there are millions of people who had absolutely no idea who I was and are simply responding to someone really trying their best to do a Cha Cha.

“I’m exactly like everyone who is sitting at home. Last year I was sitting on my sofa with a takeaway and a bottle of wine watching Strictly and now I’m doing it.”

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She revealed last week’s impressive quickstep had led to her and Clifton being chased round the supermarket near their training base in Glasgow by fans offering compliments.

“It really does change things but in a really good way because the absolute wave of love and joy we got after Saturday night was incredible,” Calman said.