Strictly’s Giovanni lashes out at dance-off criticism

Not everyone was happy with the Blackpool result

Strictly Come Dancing said goodbye to Jonnie Peacock and Oti Mabuse on Sunday night after they fell into the Blackpool dance-off alongside Giovanni Pernice and Debbie McGee.

But not everyone felt the judges made the right decision in saving Giovanni and Debbie.

One viewer took to Twitter afterwards to share her views on the dance-off – and ended up attracting the attention of a rather sassy Giovanni.

The user had tweeted at Giovanni and Debbie: “Sorry but you should have gone. Jonnie didn’t make any errors in the dance off – you did. Thought judges only looked at dance off – obviously not.”

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Well, Giovanni was NOT impressed.

He fired back: “I’m a professional dancer and I suppose you are the same .. so as my colleague can you please remind me the mistakes on the DO?

“Are we talking about technique or performance?”

The exchange sparked a debate among fellow Strictly viewers with some taking the original poster’s view that Jonnie shouldn’t have gone home and others backing Giovanni.

One wrote: “I agree with her completely, and as for mistakes, well the fact that you had to lift Debbie McGee in a turn and she then slipped on exit. Where Jonnie made no errors Mr Penrice (sic).”

Another disagreed: “Lol mistakes? I don’t think so. The only good thing about you being in the DO is we got to see you dance again.”

A third wrote: “I too would like to know what mistakes Giovanni made!! Jonnie was told to tuck his bum in and he didn’t his hands were splayed when he was told to close his fingers. I am no professional but even I spotted these 2 mistakes!”

But a fourth argued: “I agree with Patricia. You and Debbie were not as hot with Saturday night or the dance off.”

Giovanni and Debbie scored 33 points for their Samba on Saturday night, while Jonnie and Oti clocked up 26 for their Tango.

The judges voted unanimously to save Debbie from the axe, leaving Jonnie to say goodbye.

Ever the gentleman, Jonnie said: “I think it’s been an absolute honour to be the first disabled person [to compete on Strictly] and I want to thank each and every one of you for judging me as an equal. That’s what I want.

“You’ve been critical with me and I want that criticism; and I think that’s fantastic and hope it paves the way for more people to come through and I think they may be able to stick their bum under a bit better than me.”

Turning to professional partner Oti, he added: “I need to say an absolutely gigantic thank you to this woman for pushing me because she knows what I’m capable of.

“Her choreography has been has been outstanding, and for putting up with me, pinching me, biting me – thank you so much.”

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A relieved Debbie, meanwhile, took to social media to thank fans for their support and share her happiness at getting through to week ten.

She tweeted: “So So So happy to be through to week 10. Can’t thank you enough for voting for us. Yes [Giovanni]. I’m already focused for week 10. Week 10 ….I can’t believe it.”

Just seven couples now remain in the competition.