Strictly’s Claudia loses her cool as Gorka grabs at her again – despite ticking off

The Strictly presenter looked uncomfortable with the pro-dancer

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It sometimes gets a bit hectic up on the Strictly balcony with Claudia and the dancers during the live shows.

There’s often all sorts of craziness happening behind the presenter as she talks to the camera, and the dancers pride themselves on trying to distract her as she talks – often with hilarious results.

But during last night’s final, it seemed pro-dancer Gorka took things a bit too far, inappropriately prodding at Claudia’s middle.

It’s STILL a place of work for them, when all is said and done…

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As Claudia read out the information on how to vote, Gorka kept grabbing her hips in a jokey attempt to tickle her.

Claudia held her hand out to stop Gorka (Credit: BBC)

But stony-faced Claudia pushed him away – more than once.

Gorka kept grabbing Claudia (Credit: BBC)

And fans pointed out that he kept on grabbing at the star when she’d made it obvious she didn’t want him to.

To make matters worse, then Gorka’s dancing partner Alexandra joined him, grabbing at the host’s middle.

Claudia was being distracted (Credit: BBC)

“Gorka not getting a Christmas card then,” joked one.

It’s not the first time Gorka has annoyed Claudia by being ‘over-enthusiastic’ during the live shows.

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Back at the start of December, he was so pleased when he and Alexandra got a high score that he lifted Claudia off her feet and twirled her round – much to her very obvious annoyance.

Claudia told Gorka off for picking her up a few weeks ago (Credit: BBC)

“Stop that,” she told him. “No more caffeine for you.”

Gorka isn’t the only pro dancer to receive a tongue lashing from Claudia over unacceptable physical contact with her.

Back in October, Gleb Savchenko tried to hug her – and she snapped at him: “Please don’t touch me – this is disgusting.”

Gleb was also told off for physical contact by Claudia (Credit: BBC)

Evidently, personal space is an important issue for Claudia.