Dan Walker Motsi Mabuse on Strictly

Strictly star Dan Walker supported by judge Motsi Mabuse following backlash

Dan faced backlash for still being in the competition

Strictly judge Motsi Mabuse has reached out to BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker following ‘hurtful’ backlash from angry viewers.

It’s safe to say that Dan has been less than popular with some Strictly viewers after he was saved at the weekend.

And now Motsi Mabuse has shown her support for the 44-year-old.

What did Strictly star Dan Walker post on social media?

On Sunday (November 21) Dan posted a couple of pictures of supportive messages he’d received on his Twitter.

He wrote: “I’m well aware that some people are furious that I’m dancing, and that’s fine.”

“I have never posted any of the thousands of positive messages we get every single week but, in the interests of balance, thank you to everyone who sends stuff like this. See you next week.”

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Motsi Mabuse on Strictly
Strictly judge Motsi Mabuse reached out to Dan after ‘hurtful’ backlash (Credit: BBC)

“I hope you get a million messages like this, but – we always sit here saying what an amazing bloke you are and how brilliantly you come across on everything you’re on TV,” one of the messages said.

“I just wanted to say you’re incredible!” another message read. “I’m very inspired by you!”

Dan Walker on Strictly Come Dancing
Dan Walker made it through to the next round of Strictly, leaving many fans unhappy (Credit: BBC – Photographer: Guy Levy)

What did Motsi Mabuse say to Dan Walker?

Strictly judge, Motsi Mabuse replied to Dan Walker’s tweet today (Tuesday, November 23) with a show of support for the presenter.

“Celebrate the positive Dan!!!” she wrote. “So many love Strictly Come Dancing and can support their favourite couple without being hurtful to others!!”

Motsi continued, writing: “It’s how we communicate to each other that counts there is no reason for people to be abused online!!!! We all love the show.”

Dan Walker was quick to show his appreciation for Motsi Mabuse’s kind words. He wrote: “Thanks Motsi. Genuinely not bothered by the negative stuff. It’s far outweighed by the lovely messages. We are having a great time.”

“Can’t wait for the next show. See you at the weekend,” he said.

Not only did Motsi Mabuse jump to show Dan Walker her support, but fans did too.

Strictly Dan Walker
Many Strictly fans jumped to Dan Walker’s defence online (Credit; BBC)

What did Strictly fans have to say?

“You are so entertaining. Hate has no place. It’s a TV show. People need to get off social media if they can’t say anything nice,” one Strictly fan wrote.

“It always baffles me why people take time out of their day to be hateful to strangers on social media – you’re not my faves but I love your journey & great to see your improvement week by week – more power to you – soak it all up the experience looks amazing – keeeeep dancing,” another Strictly viewer said.

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“I enjoyed your dance immensely and preferred it over some of the other dances. All hail to you, up before dawn doing your day job with grace and humour, and learning to do difficult dances every week. What a guy!” a third fan told Dan Walker.

Strictly viewers’ anger over Dan’s continued involvement in the competition comes after Tom Fletcher was eliminated on Sunday night. Many fans believed Dan should have been in the bottom two.

Some have even gone so far as to accuse the show of ‘BBC favouritism’.

You can catch Dan Walker and Motsi Mabuse on Strictly on Saturday 27 November at 6.55 pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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