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Strictly Come Dancing: Ranvir Singh could be a ‘dark horse’, her GMB co-host Adil Ray reveals

He's hoping she gets to do a Bollywood-style dance routine!

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Strictly Come Dancing 2020 looks set to be a corker and there’s no one we’re looking forward to seeing dance more than GMB’s Ranvir Singh.

She’s part of a stellar line-up that also includes EastEnders star Maisie Smith, who won 2019’s Children In Need special.

However, Ranvir’s Good Morning Britain co-host Adil Ray has told Entertainment Daily to look out for his breakfast TV co-star.

He reckons she could just be this year’s SCD “dark horse”.

Strictly's Ranvir Singh in a summer dress
GMB host Ranvir could just be a dark horse on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing (Credit: ITV)

Ranvir could be Strictly Come Dancing ‘dark horse’

He exclusively told ED!: “I’ve no idea if she can dance. She reckons she can’t but they’re always the dark horses.

“She’ll be able to dance, she’ll have danced at weddings before, she’ll be able to move those hips, I know she will,” he added.

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“She’ll be great.”

Adil also said cheeky Ranvir had hidden the fact she was planning on taking part in the BBC dance show to her ITV pal.

I think she’s going to be brilliant, she’s such a lovely person, she’s so easy to get along with, everyone’s going to love her.

“You know what’s really funny,” he said. “There was a rumour going round that I was doing Strictly, I must have said something in a jokey way.

“I bet she’s doing it!”

“So I messaged Ranvir when we were due to cover on GMB in July and I said: ‘I think we should wind up the audience a little bit. I might say I’m doing Strictly.’

“She was like: ‘What?!’ And in my head I’m like, I bet she’s doing it!”

strictly come dancing
Ranvir kept her appearance on the show a secret from co-host Adil Ray (Credit: ITV)

Adil said the pair went on air alongside one of the show’s professional dancers and he “asked a couple of questions” about training for the show.

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“And Ranvir, as professional as she is, she played along with it,” he said.

“She would’ve known she was doing it. I think she’s going to be brilliant, she’s such a lovely person, she’s so easy to get along with, everyone’s going to love her,” Adil added.

He’s also been on the wind up with his telly pal and has an idea for one of her dance routines.

“I’ve been winding her up saying we’re both of Indian background, Bollywood is such a big part of our culture and Bangra music, and that they should do a Bollywood dance.

“There are famous scenes where they get in their saris and dance in the rain. In Bollywood films, they never have sex scenes, but they do dancing around trees or dancing in the rain to allude to that’s the kind of moment where they would get close,” he added.

“So I’ve been winding her up that they should do that on Strictly and have water in the studio. She’ll look fabulous,” he laughed.

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