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Strictly Come Dancing fans demand the BBC makes huge format change to results show

'Just show the results when they're in!'

Strictly Come Dancing fans have taken to Twitter to demand the BBC makes a huge change to its dance show.

A poll carried out on social media showed that 90% of those asked would back the proposed format change, too.

So will we see a change to our weekend dose of Strictly? And just what are fans calling for?

Read on and find out…

strictly bbc
Strictly fans are calling for a format change to avoid spoilers (Credit: BBC)

What are Strictly fans asking the BBC to do?

In short, viewers want the BBC to scrap the Sunday night Strictly results show.

For those not in the know, it isn’t filmed live like the Saturday night show.

It’s filmed after the live Saturday night show and aired on Sunday.

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Which inevitably means the result is leaked – meaning the bottom two and the couple who go home is available for anyone to see either late on Saturday night or early on Sunday morning.

Now, Strictly fans want this to change – and they think scrapping the Sunday night show is the answer.

Instead, they want the results show to air live later on a Saturday night, in real time.

One viewer pointed out that this used to happen back in the day, reportedly changing to compete with The X Factor results show on a Sunday night.

However, with that no longer on screen, why does the Strictly results show air a day later than it’s filmed?

Viewers are pretty bemused and, as a result, are calling for the format change.

strictly bbc
Fans want the results show to air live on Saturday night (Credit: BBC)

What did Strictly fans say?

Some said that the BBC “keeping up this facade” is “totally ridiculous”, pointing out that contestant Dan Walker has said that he doesn’t work on Sundays.

They said: “Dan Walker has said that Sundays are his family days and he doesn’t work them. So keeping up this facade is looking totally ridiculous now.

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“Every Saturday the results are leaked. Just show the results once they’re in,” they pleaded.

Another added: “Didn’t #Strictly go over 2 nights to compete against X Factor results show? It’s time it went back to bring all in one night.”

A third added that showing the result on a Saturday night also meant no point, “which made it properly tense”.

“Time to stop this Sunday night farce and give us extra results show on a Saturday,” said another.

Meanwhile, one Strictly fan decided to conduct a poll on Twitter to gather public opinion.

They asked: “Should the BBC scrap Sunday’s #Strictly results show and return it back to later on Saturday?”

The answer was a resounding yes, with 90% of respondents in favour of scrapping the Sunday night show.

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