Strictly Come Dancing fans ask why Claudia Winkleman has come dressed as a can of beans

It's not been a great night for Claudia's stylist

Claudia Winkleman has made a bold fashion choice on tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Viewers of the BBC ballroom dancing competition were left perplexed by Claudia’s choice of outfit what with it resembling a can of Heinz beans.

Claudia’s dress was an interesting choice (Credit: BBC)
It did have a passing resemblance to both Beans and Austin Powers (Credit: BBC)

One viewer wrote: “Clever subliminal marketing for Heinz Beans by Claudia this evening #strictly.”

Another added: “Only seeing the #HeinzBeans costume on Claudia now…. but not too obvious tho #Strictly”

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A third tweeted: “I wonder where Claudia had the the inspiration for her dress from tonight #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing #beanzmeanzheinz #57varieties”

“Claudia’s dress looks like a can of Heinz baked beans #Strictly,” added a fourth to the chorus.

Viewers were convinced that Claudia’s dress was based on beans (Credit: Twitter)

The blue frock was also compared to something Austin Powers would wear, so overall it hasn’t been a great night for Claudia’s stylist.

One wrote: “Can someone tell Claudia that Austin Powers needs his shirt back! #Strictly”

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A second added: “#Strictly Claudia rocking the Austin Powers look tonight baby”

“Claudia looking like she’s a tribute to Austin Powers. #scd #strictly,” tweeted a third.