Steve Coogan stars in Stephen on ITV

Stephen on ITV: Steve Coogan’s performance in moving drama polarises viewers

Steve was in full Cockney accent mode

Drama Stephen began on ITV last night and provoked split opinion, with some viewers struggling to take Steve Coogan “seriously” during the first episode.

The crime drama told an important and harrowing story last night (Monday August 30) and attention focused on Steve’s performance as a detective intent on finding out the truth about what happened to murdered teenager.

But some viewers, used to seeing Steve in comedy roles, struggled to get over that hurdle.

Steve Coogan stars in Stephen on ITV
Steve Coogan in action as Clive Driscoll in Stephen on ITV (Credit: ITV)

Who did Steve play in Stephen on ITV?

Steve, 55, played DCI Clive Driscoll, who voluntarily started to look into the Stephen Lawrence murder case 18 years after his death.

During the original investigation, terrible mistakes were made and the gang of suspects walked away Scot-free.

However, thanks to Stephen’s parents Doreen and Neville, the case never left the nation’s conscience.

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And thanks to Clive, new forensic evidence was found that could bring the suspects to justice.

The drama was poignant, moving and highlighted police failures.

But some viewers found it tricky to get over Steve’s gravelly London accent and take him seriously.

Viewers’ reaction to Steve in Stephen

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Watching #Stephen. Sorry, but I just can’t take Steve Coogan seriously.”

Another wrote: “Is it just me who can’t take Steve Coogan seriously in this?! #Stephen #itv.”

Focusing on Steve’s accent, another commented: “I’m sorry but Coogan was totally miscast, his attempted London accent is so bad it distracts from every scene. #Stephen.”

A fourth wrote: “Are we going to talk about how horrendous Steve Coogan’s London accent is in #Stephen?

“Sounds like he’s doing his Michael Caine impression.”

The cast of Stephen on ITV
Steve alongside Hugh Quarshie and Sharlene Whyte (Credit: ITV)

Some positives from viewers

However, it wasn’t all negative from viewers of Stephen on ITV.

One wrote: “Reminder how brilliant and versatile an actor Steve Coogan is. RIP Stephen Lawrence #Stephen.”

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Another exclaimed: “#Stephen Steve Coogan really is brilliant.”

“#Stephen on ITV a must watch. Steve Coogan a revelation,” a third said.

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