Stacey Solomon shocks as she reveals the one thing she won’t do for Joe Swash

She'd be the same with any partner

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash are as close as could be – marriage rumours are never far away from them.

But the Loose Women panellist has revealed one thing she definitely wouldn’t do for her other half.

She would NEVER lend him money.

In fact, she’d never lend anyone money.

Stacey argues her point (Credit: ITV)

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The mum-of-two thinks it changes relationship dynamics for the worse.

That said, she revealed that a potential partner’s financial standing is not important to her.

“I don’t care what their financial situation is,” she said.

“I look at their personality, who they are, what they bring to me as a human being, how much I get from them in that respect.

“I don’t really have to look at money. If they’re having money difficulties I’ll offer advice, but I don’t  really want to get involved.”

Denise grills her co-star (Credit: ITV)

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When co-panellist Denise Van Outen asked if she’d help if a partner came to her and explained they’d hit rock bottom, the former X Factor star replied:

“I would say come and live me. I’ll offer you emotional love and support, but I won’t help you with money.”

“All I’ve ever known when it comes to money and relationships is resentment,” she confessed. “If they don’t give it back there’s that bit inside you that says ‘they took that from me and they don’t care’.”

Does she have a point? Money is said to be the root of all evil, after all.

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