Stacey Solomon makes a confession about her relationship no woman should

And she did it on Loose Women!

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Oh, no, Stacey Solomon. What have you gone and done this time, you minx…?

There are some things a woman should never tell their partner.

One is the actual number of handbags and shoes you bought on your new-season shopping spree.

The next is that he’s not the best lover you’ve ever had.

In fact, always tell the current one that sex was a chore until you met him.

(Unless you already settled on the lie about being a virgin, that is.)

But the biggest no-no is revealing you fake it in bed.

(Although why any woman is faking it… let them think they’re doing a good job when they aren’t? They’ll never learn.)

But if you are guilty of pretending, you can never ‘fess up – imagine the effect on their poor ego.

And certainly never confess on television.

Stacey clearly never learned these man commandments as she has now gone and told the nation that she sometimes acts like she’s enjoyed the Big O with current squeeze Joe Swash, when she hasn’t. Ohhhhh.

On today’s Bank Holiday Monday edition of Loose Women, the lady panellists were joined by some male guests, including Martin Kemp and Joey Essex.

Stacey looked flustered (Credit: ITV)

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The girls were pitted against the boys with a series of questions – and Stacey was asked if she’d ever faked it with Joe.

She replied: “Yeah, I have.”

“Not because I need to… it’s just sometimes there’s so much to do.

“I think it’s okay to do it.”

No, Stacey, no, it isn’t…

“What he is doing would probably get me there eventually,” she continued. “But I just don’t have the time!”

What will Joe say? (Credit: Instagram)

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So don’t indulge his playtime, then!

We can sleep easy knowing Stacey is getting the pleasure she deserves sometimes though, as she has discussed orgasms on the show before.

Earlier this year she admitted: “It does make you feel good. I can imagine going into a meeting a few hours later with a spring in my step.

“You need to know what you’re going for, in order to get it.”

Every time, Stace. EVERY TIME!

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