Spooky new series True Horror may be TOO frightening for TV, Channel 4 warns

Series features real-life tales of the paranormal

Be afraid. Be very afraid! A terrifying new show about real-life ghost stories is so scary that Channel 4 is issuing a warning to viewers.

Docu-drama True Horror, which starts tonight, features haunting eye-witness accounts from the actual people involved.

But the real terror is in the dramatised scenes, coupled with an eerie soundtrack, that could have come straight from a Hollywood horror movie.

A scene from tonight’s show (Credit: Channel 4/Eleven Film)

Tonight’s first episode tells the paranormal tale of a couple, Liz and Bill, who move to an apparently idyllic farmhouse in rural Wales and have a family.

But events soon take a grisly turn when objects start moving on their own and animals mysteriously begin dropping dead.

Or, in Channel 4’s words: “It becomes a nightmarish crucible of demonic activity which drives the family apart.” So don’t expect fairytale ending.

Bill sees ghastly visions (Credit: Channel 4/Eleven Film)

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Artist Bill, who moved to the haunted house in the Brecon Beacons for the studio space and tranquility, also changes and becomes nastier.

His oil paintings take on a darker, sinister theme and he experiences weird visions, including mutated dead bodies, which would probably be enough to put anybody off their work.

As their marriage crumbles, Liz is terrified and turns to the local priest for help, before matters reach a horrifying climax.

All seems well at first in the Welsh hills (Credit: Channel 4/Eleven Film)

At the start of the episode, an on-screen caption warns: “The following dramatisation contains scenes of paranormal activity which may disturb some viewers.

“It is drawn from the eye-witness accounts of those who appear in interview.”

Channel 4 head of formats Dom Bird who commissioned the show said: “This series will deliver a haunting blend of first-person testimony and cinematic drama, made all the more chilling with the knowledge that the stories are real.”

Hmm, probably best to watch with the lights on and not alone.

Bill’s artwork becomes more erratic (Credit: Channel 4/Eleven Film)

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The series is made by the Bafta-nominated producers of The Enfield Haunting.

* True Horror begins at 10pm tonight on Channel 4.

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