Spoiler Alert: Kate Connor to leave the cobbles behind after Rana row

Can Kana survive the latest bust up?

Kana fans will be in turmoil this January when a heartbreaking story line between the pair comes to a head.

After seeing Rana Nazir fight her feelings for best friend Kate Connor, it was only a matter of time before she realised that husband, Zeedan, was not who she wanted to be with.

Kana Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)
Kana is REAL (Credit: ITV)

But the passion was too much between the pair, and Kate and Rana were caught in the act when their van broke down on the way to a food fair.

But early 2018 will see Kate managing to break Rana’s heart after a row between the pair leads to Kate kissing mate Sophie.

Gissa kiss (credit: ITV)

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With Sophie excited that the moment happened and could lead to more, it isn’t long before Rosie unwittingly reveals to Rana about the tryst, unknowingly breaking her heart that Kate could do such a thing.

Doorstepping on the cobbles (Credit: ITV)

But with guilt weighing heavily on Kate’s mind, she decides she needs to get away, and a tearful Kate approaches the Nazirs and tells them she’s leaving.

When Rana hears of Kate’s decision, she begs her not to leave, but Kate tells Rana that she’s going away to try and get her head together.

The couple’s emotional farewell is interrupted when Sophie turns up.

Will it be goodbye for Rana? (Credit: ITV)

As Kate is driven off in a taxi, will seeing what she could lose finally give Rana the courage she needs to finally leave her husband and be with Kate?

The spoiler seems to have sent Kana fans into meltdown at the thought of the couple splitting…

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Will everybody get the happy ending they want?

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