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Sophie Hermann: Is she still dating Tom Zanetti from Celebs Go Dating and how old IS she?

They make a stunning couple!

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Sophie Hermann is back on Made in Chelsea and is introducing her new love on the show very soon.

This posh lass is more famous than ever thanks to her breakout appearance in Celebs Go Dating earlier this year.

But what is she up to now and are her and Tom Zanetti still a thing?

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We take a look at her current love status…

Are Tom and Sophie still dating from Celebs Go Dating?

Tom Zanetti and Sophie Hermann entered Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion in the hope of finding love with non-celeb strangers.

But they found it with each other.

MIC star Sophie, who is 34, and DJ Tom, 31, were presented with a series of civilians as potential suitors.

sophie hermann and tom zanetti celebs go dating
Tom and Sophie hit it off on Celebs Go Dating (Credit: E4)

However, they only had eyes for one another, and ended up hooking up.

They were nicknamed The Duchess and Thomas O Malley the alley cat from The Aristocats on the show.

Tom has a lad swagger, and Sophie is of course known for her very well-to-do background.

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Luckily it was more than just a fling, as they both revealed they were properly dating on Instagram once the series wrapped.

In fact, Tom is set to appear on the new series of Made in Chelsea tonight.

He will be introduced as Sophie’s new man, and reportedly remained in the ‘MIC’ COVID safe bubble in preparation.

A source told The Sun: “The whole cast have to form a bubble at the huge country house they’re filming the show at, so it’s not that different to Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion – only he now has to impress all of her best friends.”

sophie hermann made in chelsea
Sophie insisted on having her own room (Credit: E4)

Why did Sophie have her own room in Celebs Go Dating?

Sophie confused viewers of Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion as she was the only celebrity to have her own room and bathroom.

Apparently this is because she is a light sleeper and can become aggressive when woken.

An insider alleged to The Sun: “Sophie was a complete and utter diva throughout.

“The other celebs slept in one bedroom, Big Brother-style, but Sophie had her own luxury room upstairs with a bath and everything.

“Her excuse was if there’s any noise or disturbance like someone snoring, she can get aggressive.”

made in chelsea
Sophie is so much more than just a pretty face (Credit: E4)

Where is Sophie Hermann’s accent from?

Sophie has a very distinct accent. This is because she was born in Germany and grew up in Switzerland.

She has lived in London for around the last decade.

What does she do outside of Made in Chelsea?

Sophie is a socialite on the London and Euro party scene. She also has Sophie Hermann, a fashion line named after hers truly.

And on Instagram she regularly does sponsored posts, which should rake in a fair amount.

She is estimated to be worth at least £3.5 million.

From a very wealthy family, she has likely always lived a fabulous life of luxury.

When is Made in Chelsea next on?

Made in Chelsea continues at 9pm on E4 tonight. Past episodes are available to stream on All4.

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