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Friday 29th May 2020

Sophie Brady shows off size 20 body in a bikini and insists she's healthy

She was bullied for her weight at school

A plus-sized guest has appeared on This Morning in nothing but a bikini - something many women would be reluctant to do, whatever their weight.

On Thursday (August 1), Sophie Leah Brady appeared on the famous teal couch in a red two-piece in a bid to promote body confidence and to silence body-shamers who believe she should hide her flesh away.

Eamonn didn't know where to look! (Credit: ITV)

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The former Miss International Curve spoke to hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford about what had changed, after spending countless summers in the shade.

Sophie even admitted she had been pelted with stones as an adolescent for her size.

She said: "When I was younger, I really hated the way I looked, hated my body, thought people were judging me all of the time.

"When I would go on holiday I would be in a hoodie and jeans in the stifling heat and it wasn't very good."

Sophie wants everybody to be proud of their bodies (Credit: ITV)

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She continued: "We all should be able to wear what we want on the beach. We shouldn't have to hide away, because this is our body and this is what we've been given.

To all the men who are calling this woman awful names you are disgusting.

"If you're bikini body ready, get your bikini, put it on and you're ready, ta-dah!

"If you're very self-conscious, then you're paying hundreds of pounds to go on these holidays and you're missing out."

Sophie insists she is fit and healthy (Credit: ITV)

Discussing the current movement towards body acceptance, she continued: "I think we're on an up, with all of these plus-size bloggers and these models and you've got the gorgeous Hayley [Hasselhoff] as well…

"There are brands that are using women that have stretch marks and things like that and not photoshopping, which I think is fantastic as well."

Sophie credited two things for her newfound self-love - taking part in a beauty pageant and meeting husband Michael who helped her to believe she's beautiful.

Of course, due to her social media presence, Sophie revealed she does have her critics and trolls, but insists she's fit and healthy and they should all pipe down!

Sophie thanks her husband for helping her find self love (Credit: ITV)

She said: "I've danced since I was three, I'm very active. I teach little ones to dance. I exercise three or four times a week. I do yoga, I am very healthy.

"It frustrates me that, because of the way I look, I get judged on how healthy I am. I go to the doctors regularly, I'm on no medication, my cholesterol and blood pressure are perfect."

Again, Sophie received a fair amount of backlash during and after her appearance, with one saying: "This Morning, stop promoting unhealthy lifestyles. And put your [bleep] away, you're on daytime telly you trashy mess."

But she did have her supporters, with one defending her with the message: "Some people are really born this way, like the way some women are born naturally skinny, which she'll get hated for too.

"There literally isn't a certain body type and to all the men who are calling this woman awful names you are disgusting. #ThisMorning."

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